Affordable, Advanced VFX
Mamba FX is a high-performance, affordable, node-based VFX suite featuring infinite layer compositing, optical flow timewarps, restoration, painting, roto shapes, text, tracking and stabilisation. It includes a wide variety of built-in filters and supports OFX plug-ins.

Bulletproof Image Quality
Mamba FX shares its core architecture with SGO’s Mistika – an ultra high end grading and finishing platform used on some of the worlds most demanding feature films.

Pick Your Platform
Mamba FX is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.
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Take VFX Further

Key Features

Watch this video for a 60 second tour of Mamba FX’s features. Look out for keying, roto, tracking, painting, warping and a variety of other effects. All of these are built into Mamba FX along with support for OFX plug ins and SGO’s leading Optical Flow tools. These unique OF tools allow real-time, motion estimated time warps, reconstruction of frames for restoration and compositing as well as motion estimated motion blurs.

Everything shown in this video is included in Mamba FX.

Single or Dual Screen Interface

Mamba FX In Action

Here is a classic compositing scenario: Place the guy shot in a green screen studio into a moving car behind the reflections in the glass.

Mamba FX contains all the necessary tools to complete these kinds of tasks with speed, flexibility and with high quality results. Mamba FX features used in this speeded-up example include green screen keying, green spill correction, tracking, stabilising, roto shapes, difference-matting, luminance keying and distortions.

Watch the full length version on YouTube

Mamba FX In Depth


Intuitive Node-based Interface
Complex image processing can be easily manipulated. The node interface is multi-layered allowing “nesting” of node layouts inside parent node layouts. Node flow can go in any direction – up, down, left or  right depending on user preference. Results can be viewed or controlled from any point in the node map.


Super Fast Interactivity
Owing to Mamba FX being highly optimised, real-time performance is possible even with the most modest hardware. Instantaneous effects playback without time-wasting rendering leaves more time to be creative. Even computationally complex optical flow time warps are capable of unmatched, real-time results without rendering.


Built-in Effects Plus OFX
Mamba FX has numerous built-in effects and filters. They can be combined in unlimited ways to create stunning and original visual effects, transitions, graphics and styles. Blurs, distortions, flares and colour effects are just some of the effects available. Mamba FX supports OFX plug-ins from a host of other manufacturers.


Leading Optical Flow Technology
Mamba FX includes SGO’s world-leading Optical Flow technology. Not only can this be used to create super-smooth motion estimated speed changes, it can also help with image restoration, create motion blur based on shot movement and provide sub-frame time offsets.



Advanced EXR Workflows
Advanced EXR workflows allow a high degree of control when adding finishing touches to CGI shots. Work with Meta-Data provided by the CGI system to isolate objects and passes by their layer, ID, surface normal direction or XYZ position within the scene. Combine with Mamba FX’s wide range of effects and colour correction tools to create the perfect image.


Handle Any Project
MambaFX can read many image and movie formats. It can also create a wide variety of file types such as EXR, DPX and Tiff as well as MPEG4, ProRes and Avid-compliant MXF files. Timecode and other file meta data can be preserved ensuring that MambaFX fits into any workflow.

Learning Mamba FX

Getting the most out of Mamba FX couldn’t be easier thanks to a complete video tutorial library hosted at
Every topic is covered, from finding your way around the interface to building multi-layered masterpieces.
For the more studious, an in-depth manual is also provided.

Watch the example tutorial about re-timing >>

And We’ve Saved The Best Until Last…

Feature-rich Mamba FX software starts from just €239
and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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