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SGO Mamba FX
Powerful Node Based Compositing
Mamba FX is a high-performance, affordable, node-based VFX suite featuring infinite layer compositing, optical flow timewarps, restoration, painting, roto shapes, text, tracking and stabilisation. It includes a wide variety of built-in filters and OFX plug in support.




Bullet Proof Image Quality

Mamba FX shares its core architecture with SGO’s Mistika – an ultra high end grading and finishing platform used on some of the worlds most demanding feature films. This is why Mamba FX has unrivalled performance and unquestionable image quality

Key Applications

  • Composite complex VFX shots
  • Quickly make mattes with shapes and tracking
  • Create super-smooth optical-flow timewarps
  • Correct image imperfections
  • Generate text, graphics and transitions
  • Convert between many formats




Key Features of Mamba FX

  • Multi-dimensional Node Based Interface
  • Wide range of built in filters
  • Industry leading Optical Flow technology
  • Support for OFX plugins
  • High speed tracking and stabilising
  • Roto and Shape Tracking
  • Warping, Painting and Text
  • Most input formats supported
  • Export to many formats: ProRes, DPX, EXR…
  • Highly optimised performance
  • Feature film standard image quality
  • Multi-award winning technology


Intuitive Node-based Interface

Complex image processing can be easily manipulated. The node interface is multi-layered allowing “nesting” of node layouts inside node layouts. Node flow can go in any direction – up, down, left or  right. Results can be viewed or controlled from any point.


Super Fast Interactivity

Real time performance is possible even with modest hardware due to Mamba FX being highly optimised. Review effects instantaneously without rendering and spend more time being creative and less time waiting.


Leading Optical-Flow Technology

Mamba FX includes SGO’s world leading Optical Flow technology. Not only does this provide real-time motion estimated time warps, but also provides tools for restoration, sub-frame time offsets and content-based motion blur.


Built in Filters plus OFX

Mamba FX comes with many built in filters such as blurs, distortions, refractions, glints and flares to name just some. Mamba FX also supports OFX plug-ins to extend creativity even further.


Advanced EXR Workflow

Advanced EXR workflows for adding finishing touches to CGI shots. Work with Meta-Data provided by the CGI system to isolate objects and passes by their layer, ID or position within the scene.


Feature Packed Suite

Other features include high speed tracking and stabilising and a full rotoscoping interface on every node, complete with shape tracking. Also there is title generation, painting and restoration.


Watch Mamba FX in Action
Mamba FX Launch Teaser
A Typical Comp Shot


And We’ve Saved The Best Until Last….

A Feature-packed Mamba FX starts from just €239
and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Buy or try Mamba FX for free right now.