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Mamba FX is a powerful and innovative compositing software package providing unrivalled levels of performance and interactivity. Mamba FX provides high-end compositing tools to meet all requirements from the highly creative indie market through to major TV and studio productions. Mamba runs under Windows and is available for a wide variety of Windows, Linux, and Mac configurations.

Mamba FX

Mamba FX can be purchased directly from the SGO Mamba FX Shop for an introductory price starting from €239.

Providing an entire visual effects suite, comprising keying, tracking, painting and restoration, Mamba FX can extend its considerable feature-set as it is the perfect OFX-compliant plug-in host.

Utilising an intuitive node-based graphic interface Mamba FX provides unlimited layers and effects, with the compositing ‘trees’ generating plain text files that describe the chain of processes used, which can be scripted and manipulated to automate functions and workflows. In addition, Mamba FX can also run other feature options including SGO’s unmatched stereo 3D toolset for shot by shot-based stereoscopic 3D corrections.

Benefiting from the philosophy behind SGO’s world-renowned and award-winning software technology which has made Mistika the fastest total post production and broadcast solution available, Mamba FX enables composits to be constructed and reviewed either directly in real-time or processed at a blistering rendering pace. This is owing to SGO’s long experience of super-charging their algorithms through highly efficient programming and extensive use of NVIDIA GPU graphics boards.

Mamba FX is completely open in terms of file structure which allows it to be easily integrated into an existing workflow alongside other systems or used independently to complete VFX shots in their entirety.

Composites generated on Mamba FX seamlessly integrate with Mistika, enabling a more creative global environment. This permits workflow solutions to be built around Mistika as the hub of any production process. Conforming, high-end finishing, grading and client review facilities can be performed within Mistika while numerous Mamba FX systems share the same centralized storage and file system for a fully integrated Post-VFX-Grade-Delivery pipeline.

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