The Hero Suite Redefined

One System Total Solution

  • Handle any client, with any project, without compromise
    • Commercials, trailers’ feature films, long-form, episodic TV, news & sports
  • Work within any creative environment
    • On-set, on-line, editorial, colour grading, vfx, finishing, deliverables
  • Difference is important
    • In the creative world of film and TV uniqueness is important – stand out from the crowd!

Unmatched Capabilities

The world’s only true Hero Suite

The world’s most advanced Hero Suite, providing editing, vfx, colour grading, text, paint, audio, S3D, full finishing, and more, in a completely scalable, truly interactive, fully real-time, and totally resolution independent post-production system. Such wide-ranging features and capabilities enable Mistika to be used on-set via laptop, through boutique facilities to large multi-faceted studio workflows, enabling Mistika to redefine the traditional concept of a Hero Suite.

Beyond Colour

While traditional colour correction has been a mainstay of film and TV post-production for years, colour is no longer an isolated operation. Post facilities, and the key creative operators that are the heart of any dynamic and forward thinking facility, are looking for ways to step outside the expectations of the mainstream and deliver their customers the unexpected. Mistika is the only system that can provide this, as it is not just a colour correction system.

Future Features Today

Mistika includes toolsets and capabilities that set the standards for future creativity, combining what have traditionally be disparate operations into a cohesive suite of creative capabilities that expands the potential for operators well beyond the expected norm. Combining vfx tools with the more limited traditional capabilities of colour correction enables unheard of possibilities, while facility-wide timeline based collaboration workflows spread the load as needed. Don’t meet client expectations, shatter them!

Real-time that actually means Real-Time!

Mistika is the only creative system capable of true real-time Ultra-Hi resolution interactive operation up to 8K and beyond. This is not just real-time playback, it is truly interactive real-time, with the operator able to experience real-time interactivity at all levels of operation. Perform a creative function, at any resolution up to 8K and beyond, in full quality, and see the result instantly, in real-time. No waiting, no delay, and no proxies. That’s real real-time!

Definable Human Interfacing

Choose the best control surface for the job, from the user configurable Precision control panel, providing hi-speed interactive multiple interactive adjustments via a combination of dedicate, but definable, hard and soft knobs, trackballs, and touch panels with colour LCD screens, all aimed at providing the fasted possible workflow. Where space is a premium, Element panels provide equally interactive and definable controls, in a smaller foot-print. And both control surfaces can be augmented with pen & tablet, mouse and keyboard, keeping operator intrinsically in touch with the material being worked on.

Scalable in the Extreme

Mistika can be a laptop; a standalone PC with internal storage; open SAN connected; collaboratively networked; multi-GPU; and multi-linked systems. It can operate true real-time at any resolutions, and with any image format. Whatever the need, Mistika will fit perfectly, without compromise. For complex ultra-high data workflows real-time can still be maintained through innovative use of ‘system clustering’, conjoining the power of individual workstations into a single whole, guaranteeing real-time operation at unimaginable levels of data throughput.

Manage Media

Media is the heart of any project, and managing it is key to a successful workflow. Mistika helps manage media on any connected storage and over networks, and as it works natively with virtually every camera, video and file format there is no file conversion prior to beginning the creative processes. Dedicated media management tools, along with open scripting throughout, further enhance workflow simplicity from on-set through to final deliverables, for any project of any size, from small boutique to the largest studio productions.

Create, Finalise and Deliver in Any Format

Regardless of the source material format, working with mixed media timelines, and the final delivery formats required, Mistika’s powerful workflow capabilities ensure there are no technical or quality restrictions to impede creative intent or speed of delivery. Regardless of a TV release, theatrical digital cinema package, or delivery for internet distribution, Mistika always works from the camera original footage for each and every shot. Deliveries can be to any format, form uncompressed 16bit EXR and DPX files, to ProRes, and more, all from the same single timeline that contains the manipulated camera original footage.

Quality after Extensive Creative Manipulation

Every creative image manipulation has the potential to degrade quality. Mistika uses unparalleled processing pipelines, using floating point processing, combined with advanced colour mathematics within an unrestrictive multi-nodal and unlimited layers environment, where any creative setup can become the basis for another future or past creative decision, through re-entries, recoveries, blends, and more, separating luma from chroma as needed. The combination of full floating processing, unmatched colour mathematics, and unlimited creative layer environment enables the operator to work far beyond the boundaries of alternative systems.

Workflow Compatibility

No post-production system is an island, even a true Hero Suite, and Mistika’s connectivity is both simple and wide-reaching. From round tripping editorial decisions via AAF, XML, and EDL’s, including advanced Avid integration, to image and data exchange with dedicated vfx systems, Mistika acts as the perfect hub for any production workflow, pulling together all the individual areas of operation into one cohesive whole. Total openness, enabling any third-party systems direct access to Mistika’s SAN, without restriction, fully compatible with Storenext and Xsan.

Unrivalled Throughput

From on-set through to final delivery Mistika can be used to define and re-define all stages of a project – A True Hero Suite.