Built on years of research, development and production experience, Mistika Technology empowers facilities with new levels of creative power, performance and workflow efficiency, revolutionising what it means to deliver for a client. As a part of its Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept, SGO has started to slice parts of its globally acclaimed Hero Suite Mistika Ultima to address specific industry needs and develop advanced workflow applications. Natively integrated Mistika VR and Misitka Review have already joined the line-up of Mistika Technology based solutions.

Apart from software solutions, SGO provides their clients with extensive engineering expertise and knowledge. This combination creates personalized high-level workflow solutions, extracting all available processing from hardware and optimizing storage to achieve incredible performance.

Some of our clients

“Partnering with SGO Mistika on creating Depth Grade has given Legend an unparalleled way to collaborate in real-time with our clients and achieve their 3D Vision”

Richard Baker

Chief Creative Officer, Legend, LA


“What SGO is doing with Mistika is completely different to anyone else, and the result is one of the most powerful toolsets out there”

John Daro

Senior DI Colourist, Fotokem, LA