‘Ask the Expert’ Live Q&A Masterclass with Roman Dudek & Adrián González

Published On: June 11th, 2021

With many new users joining the Mistika VR community over the past months, SGO will host a dedicated Live Q&A Masterclass with Mistika VR Experts Adrián González and Roman Dudek.

This live session will take place on
Wednesday, 30 June 2021 at 19:00 CEST (10 AM PT / 1 PM EST)


Adrián and Roman will reveal answers and solutions to some of the most common questions asked, however the focus of the session will be driven by the attendees. To make the very most of the event, please send us your questions in advance and we will endeavor to cover them during the event.

Meet our speakers

Adrián González Díaz

Adrián González Diaz is Mistika expert user and Mistika Boutique Product Manager at SGO. During the past seven years, he has been working with SGO as a demo artist and training mentor. With a profile halfway between the creative and the technical, Adrián regularly collaborates with the development team at SGO defining many new Mistika Technology features and products. He has also been responsible for designing the all-new Graphical User Interface behind HPA Technology Award-winning Mistika VR and the recently launched 10 release of Mistika Boutique.

Roman Dudek

With many years of development experience in SGO, Roman Dudek is driving the vision and R&D roadmap of industry’s favourite optical-flow stitching solution Mistika VR. He focuses on collaboration and exchange of information between the global VR community, camera manufacturers and SGO to deliver outstanding solutions with cutting-edge features based on the industry’s feedback and needs.