Mamba FX is configurable so you only buy what you need. The base Mamba FX contains all the core effects; filters, OFX support, Optical Flow, Rotoshapes, tracking…. and can create images up to 1920×1080 resolution. Upgrades can then be added to increase the output resolution, engage multi-processors, add specific raw camera support and other specialised features. Choose your options below.

Start with choosing a Windows, Mac or Linux Mamba FX.

  €0 No MambaFX

  €239 Windows

  €239 Mac

  €239 Linux

Output Resolution Upgrades

All the features of the trial version supporting output resolutions up to 1920×1080. Input resolution is unlimited, subject to hardware ability. If you want to make high resolution masterpieces, increase Mamba FX’s maximum output resolution with one of these upgrades.

  €0 – HD (Max Output 1920×1080)

  €19 – 2K (Max Output 2048 x 1536)

  €90 – 4K (Max Output 4096 x 2160)

  €190 – Unlimited

Multi Processor Upgrade

Enable Mamba FX to use up to 128 CPU processing threads.


Raw Camera Codecs

Add camera raw file support if you want to directly import and control the raw files from these cameras.

  €49 – RED RAW Debayer Controls

  €49 – ARRI RAW Debayer Controls

  €49 – Phantom Camera Debayer Controls

  €49 – Weisscam Camera Debayer Controls

  €19 – AVC Intra100 support

Specialist Items

SGO’s stereo alignment tools are the best in the industry. Add them to Mamba FX using the Stereo Option.

  €9,900 – SGO Stereo Alignment Option

Want to create encrypted DCP’s, including conversion to XYZ colour space and J2K encoding? Add the DCP option.

  €1,900 – DCP Creation Option

Total Cost (Excluding applicable taxes)