The latest version of Mistika VR now released with an extended list of new features

SGO has released a new version of Mistika VR, the fastest stitching software on the market, which brings more than twenty new features to its users. These significantly contribute to more efficient workflow, improving performance and quality, and accelerating collaboration among multiple computers.

The latest release is already available at no additional cost to all existing Mistika VR customers.

Improved workflow. Mistika VR introduces improvements such as Media Relinking, Mass import of Media, Zoomable visual editor timeline, and many more that will notably enhance VR 360 post-production workflow.

Better performance and quality. You will also find better alignment for coaxial rigs and a forward Distance parameter that acts as an experimental alternative to Convergence.  

Faster collaboration between multiple hardware. Sharing projects between different operating systems is now possible through Path Translator.

Upgraded 360º photography support. Mistika VR users can now choose either if the images are a time sequence or if each image is a separate camera view. Also, maximum camera number is increased, allowing larger still image photography sets.  

Greater connectivity with new items. The nVidia h264/h265 render now supports the QP mode for constant quality which is much more appropriate for post-production workflows. Another considerable feature is the KanDao timelapses import tool which helps to reorder and to rename KanDao sequences thanks to the Drag and Drop utility, simplifying the import and management process.

The latest Open Beta of Mistika VR is available for subscribers only. Check out our flexible VR plans:



The entire list of new features, new presets, and fixed bugs is available here.

To download the Open Beta version click here.

New toys from SGO are coming to NAB 2018!

With NAB just around the corner, we can’t wait to unveil the very latest developments! We are also introducing a brand new product as part of our natively integrated Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept.  

You will also have a chance to see a new version of award-winning Mistika VR, the fastest stitching software on the market and Mistika Ultima that is up for a significant boost with improvements which will undoubtedly turn a few heads.   

There will be regular public demos of Mistika VR and Mistika Ultima throughout the day.

Besides that, some of the most inspiring industry professionals will be sharing their broad knowledge and experience through different sessions at SGO’s booth. You’re welcome at any time to come say hello, see what we are doing and meet the SGO team. This year we are in a new location in the North Hall, booth N2503VR. SGO and Mistika Ultima can also be seen at Tangent Wave (SU7814) and Quantum (SL8511).

Register free of charge today using Guest Pass Code  LV8274 *.


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Looking forward to seeing you!

Geoff Mills, Managing Director



Madrid, 27 de Febrero de 2018. SGO, empresa desarrolladora de software para postproducción audiovisual, anuncia que Mistika ha sido elegido una vez más por Radio Televisión Española (RTVE), Corporación  pública de radio y televisión, para el tratamiento de sus producciones en 4K y HDR.

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An Exclusive Offer from Boris FX and SGO: 20% Off 360° Video Tools

Whether you are an editor, effects artist or filmmaker, working with immersive video requires best-of-breed tools to make your projects stand out. Boris FX and SGO have collaborated to share this exclusive 20% discount on the industry’s most powerful solutions for 360° video stitching, image stabilization, clean-ups and finishing. Learn why Mistika VR and Mocha VR have become widely recognized as the go-to-tools for professional 360 post.

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La Peste: la serie más contagiosa hecha en Mistika

Mistika ha estado presente en todos los momentos de la creación de la serie  producida por Atípica Films y Movistar+, La Peste: “Desde la pre-producción, realizando todas las tareas de visionado, corrección de color, pruebas de cámara, LUTS y etc,” explicó Juan Ventura, Supervisor de FX, Compositor y Colorista de la serie La Peste.

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