Up next: Behind the scenes with filmmakers Geoff Bailey and Jeff Sousa, discussing animated short ‘Death and the Lady’

Published On: May 13th, 2021

Join us in a special online Mistika 10 Masterclass where NYC colorist and finishing artist Jeff Sousa and director Geoff Bailey share their first-hand experience creating “Death and the Lady”, a CG animated short feature, officially selected for the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival.

This online live event will take place on

Thursday, 17 June 2021 at 17:00 UTC (13:00 ET / 10:00 PDT).


To open the event, Jeff and Geoff will focus on the creative process from a director’s point of view and then dive deeper into the DI functionality available in Mistika Boutique for CGI films. One of the important points to be covered in this session is a highly effective workflow transition between Nuke and Mistika and how they generated the utility pass EXR files to be later graded in Boutique. Jeff also plans to share how to take full advantage of Mistika Boutique’s unique EXR multilayer tool and make the most out of endless creative possibilities working in real-time with depth-based color grading.

Meet our Speakers

Geoff Bailey, Director 

Director and designer based in Brooklyn, NY, Geoff is equally at home behind a camera or behind a workstation, and happiest on projects where he gets to do both, blending narrative filmmaking with CG design. Over the years, he has worked with a range of wonderful clients in broadcast, commercial, and experiential, including HBO, Showtime, ABC, Cinemax, A&E, EY, HP, Julie Taymor, 50 Cent, Jay-Z, U2, Travel Channel, Comedy Central, CourtTV, Fuse, AMC Networks, The Rockettes, and many more. Awarded with MFA in directing from Columbia University’s School of the Arts, Geoff’s films have screened at the Palm Springs International ShortFest, Los Angeles International Short Film Fest, Brooklyn International Film Festival, Nashville International Film Festival, BET/HBO Urbanworld Film Festival, Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival, and numerous others.

Jeff Sousa, Colorist at Dungeon Beach

Jeff Sousa is senior colorist at Dungeon Beach, a boutique post house in Brooklyn offering audio and picture finishing services under one roof. He’s energized by the storytelling breakthroughs made possible when the entire team is together during the home stretch. Jeff believes in the visceral power of color and tone to meld your mind with a film’s protagonist. He likes to turn knobs until you feel something. Jeff’s visual sensibilities come from a background in directing and general cinephilia. Jeff received his MFA from Columbia University in 2010 and, before that, studied film history at The University of Chicago. Jeff has lived abroad in Spain and Japan, and frequently collaborates with Japanese DPs on everything from Netflix Original Series to AAA music videos from Japan’s biggest boy band. Jeff lives with his wife and soon-to-be two kids in Sunset Park.

About ‘Death and the Lady’ 

Begun in 2020 and completed during the 2021 lockdown, Death and the Lady is a fully-CG animated film by Lucy Streuver and Geoff Bailey. Written and directed by Lucy and Geoff, a husband and wife creative team from Brooklyn, NY, and animated entirely by Geoff, Death and the Lady is a mediation on love, loss, and memory through the eyes of a most loyal companion. Lucy and Geoff received production help from their two dogs, Darcy and Mitsi, who provided additional voices and sound effects for the film.