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Send an email message when the task of the module to which it is connected finishes.

Note: Depending on the mail server it may be necessary to make some specific adjustments. In the case of Gmail you have to permit that a message can be sent by external applications.

For doing that you can access your account settings from a web browser. After logging in to access your Google account, click on the user picture in the upper right corner and select "Manage your Google account". Now in the menu on the left select "Security". Find the panel "Access of unsafe applications" and ensure it is activated.  If you wish you can also create a dedicated email account for this function.





input: Connect this input to the output of another node to detect that its activity has been completed.



Standard properties



Schema name



Node Properties


login: Write here the email address from which you want to send messages.


pwd: This is the password that you must write to access to your sender mail.


smtpServer: As an example, in case of Gmail it would be


port: This is the port that the mail server uses. It is normally 587 for most cases but this can change depending on the server used.


to: Email address to send the email to.


subject: Subject of the email.


body: Here you can write the body of the message to send.


Code: This particular node is in fact a customized python node that uses a python script to send emails. The script itself has been left accessible as an example for Python programmers, or in case they want to customize it to suit particular needs.