DVO Tools for Mistika adds industry standard image processing options to Mistika 10

Published On: June 29th, 2020

SGO and Digital Vision World have launched DVO Tools for Mistika – a seamless integration of the world-class image processing tools for both of SGO’s full-finishing solutions – Mistika Ultima and Mistika Boutique. It can also be used in conjunction with Mistika Workflows for batch processing of media files.

Mistika users are now able to work with any of the DVO Tools for Mistika within the same unified environment independently of what the principle task is – removing artefacts, sharpening, noise reduction or even image restoration. 

DVO Tools for Mistika include:

Clarity: The best grain and noise reducer available today.

Sharpen: Sharpen the picture not the noise.

Regrain RGB: Add realistic, highly customised grain to images.

Chroma: Fixes chromatic aberration or chroma artefacts.

Pixel: Automated dead pixel detection and repair.

Brickwall: Sharp frequency cut-off to eliminate artefacts.

Get your free trial now!

DVO Tools for Mistika are available as an OFX plugin for Mistika Ultima or Boutique on a pay-per-use basis through the online SGO Shop starting from €49 a month. Users can choose between monthly and annual subscriptions with automatic renewals or 30-day and 1-year single-use licenses. 

Everybody can try DVO Tools for Mistika completely free of charge by downloading a 7-day Eval version.


Easy set up in just a few clicks 

The installation and activation processes of the DVO Tools for Mistika are very quick and easy. Have a look at the tutorial and get started!