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Editorial Prowess


[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Editorial Conform and Change

Any project requires editorial interaction, from full ground-up editing from raw rushes, to the trimming of project imported from third party editing systems, to editorial changes required for final finishing. Mistika offers all this, and more.[/text_output][gap size=”3em”]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]True Mixed Formats

The Mistika timeline is truly agnostic to media formats, resolutions, colour spaces, Log, linear or video gammas, HDRI, and more. Produce any project in HD, Ultra HD, 4K, 8K or bespoke formats with High Dynamic Range, High Frame Rate, Dolby Vision and Stereo3D.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Finish and Deliver

Expand creative horizons with class leading colour correction features, unlimited layer compositing, built-in filters, tracking, stabilising, rotoscoping and painting. Master the unexpected and gain creative time by avoiding delays through rendering and transcoding, with instant render-free playback of effects and direct access to camera raw codecs. Deliver final results in any format, for D-Cinema, broadcast TV, DVD and BluRay, and the internet.[/text_output]

[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Beyond Finishing

While some projects have separate colour grading sessions, many have only one on-line creative session, which include colour grading, visual effects, beautification, titling and more. Even those projects that split out grading require final finishing – specifically beautification – where all the clean-ups that are required – skin perfection, removal of unwanted background objects, obscuring of unwanted brands or faces, technical fixes, creating looks that are more involved than just colour, etc., are applied.[/text_output]

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[gap size=”3em”][text_output]Expand Creative Capabilities

Unmatched tools for unprecedented creativity. Wide array of built in filters, including blurs, colour maps, refraction, distortions, glints, lens flares, blend modes, and more. Fully featured grading suite. Complete feature set including tracking, stabilising, titling, painting, warping and rotoscoping. And unparalleled true real-time speed for impressive client attended sessions, combining multiple assets in multiple formats.[/text_output][gap size=”3em”]

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Integrated VFX

Mistika’s VFX tools elevate the creative possibilities for full project workflows far beyond the normal level of creativity available with alternative grading systems.[/text_output]

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