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Educational Program for Institutions

Special arrangements – Flexible Solutions – Volume Discounts

SGO’s mission is to enrich teaching resources and techniques by offering special arrangements to Educational and Training Institutions.

Mistika Technology for Education provides flexible solutions, scaled to your facilities needs. Learning Institutions can save up to 50% on the commercial price for all Mistika Technology Products.

“The ease of use and speed of the application has changed how we work in my class. It feels like all it takes are three clicks and we are ready to render the scene. Mistika VR allows my students to focus on their stories — and their creativity to innovate — rather than tedious stitching.”

Robert Hernandez
Robert Hernandez

Associate Professor of Professional Practice, USC Annenberg School of Journalism

“Mistika is a great learning tool. It gives my students a wider perspective about the profession and the opportunity to fully prepare themselves before entering the job market.”

Moisés Maján
Moisés Maján

Master’s Degree Audiovisual Postproduction, TAI Centro Universitario de Artes


Mistika Technology Educational Program provides affordable licensing options available for workgroups, departments, classrooms, workshops, and courses. If you want to apply for the Mistika Technology Educational Program, fill out the application form below and we will contact you after we verify the eligibility of your Institution.