FAQ Mistika Technology


Unfortunately no. One Mistika license can be used on one workstation at a time. However, you can reallocate it to another system very easily. For detailed instructions on how to do that, head to SGO Support Portal.

In most of the cases, a simple reboot of your computer will efficiently fix the problem. If that did not work, please open a ticket on SGO Support Portal and our technical team will be more than happy to assist you.

Directly from the ‘Licenses’ section within your Online SGO Account.  Alternatively, after installing Mistika you will find an SGOActivationTool icon in your desktop, which allows you to assign and move licenses between computers.

You can simply update your Mistika software to the new release by visiting the ‘Downloads’ section of your Online SGO Account and downloading the latest version.

This will have been sent in the order confirmation email but you can also head over to your SGO Account – Activation Codes. If the field is empty, please open a ticket on SGO Support Portal and our technical team will be more than happy to assist you.

After purchasing the software, you can head over to the ‘Downloads Section’ of your Online SGO Account where you’ll find the installer. Also, an email will be sent immediately after you made your purchase with a link to download the software along with the download, installation and activation instructions.


Directly from the ‘Subscriptions’ section within your Online SGO Account.

Head over to the ‘Subscriptions’ section within your Online SGO Account and cancel it before the renewal takes place. 

Remember: Deactivating your license will not cancel your subscription.

As stated on our website, all orders are non-refundable. However, if your license has not been activated and you cancel the renewal within three (3) days in your Online SGO Account you can reach out to marketing@sgo.es and explain your situation for us to consider a refund.  All decisions are final and at our sole discretion.

Unfortunately, there is no automatic way of doing that. You will first have to cancel your Personal Edition subscription and then purchase the Professional one. Once you’re done, please contact marketing@sgo.es and they’ll issue a refund for the wrongly purchased license.

Yes. All the subscriptions (monthly and annual) will renew automatically if you do not cancel it before-hand.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time without any kind of penalty and your existing license will remain active until the end of the purchased term.

Mistika VR 1-year license comes without an automatic renewal and the annual subscription comes with automatic renewal.

Mistika VR 30-day license comes without an automatic renewal and the monthly subscription comes with an automatic renewal.


All subscriptions and single-use licenses can be paid by credit card via Stripe payment platform at the Checkout page.

All prices on the SGO website are in Euros € and you can order directly through the online SGO Shop. The transaction will be made in Euro € would then be typically converted to your local currency as payment is processed by PayPal.

If your Company/Institution has a valid EU VAT registration number, this can be added in the Billing Details section at the checkout.


The Mistika VR Eval version does not include rendering functionality. To get a full version, go to Mistika VR SGO Online Shop.

Yes, we do offer reduced pricing for training institutions. Our Educational Program for learning institutions that apply and are approved by SGO has discount tiers based on the number of licenses purchased. For more information visit: https://www.sgo.es/educational-program/

All orders need to be placed directly in the online SGO Shop. Once you receive the software installers and license, you can easily pass them to your client.

No worries, Mistika VR is camera-agnostic software, meaning it can essentially work with any camera rig out there. If you could not find the preset in the Camera Preset Library, simply reach out to our Support Team and they will create a preset for you completely free of charge. 

Please send test footage together with lens specification through our Support Portal

The suitable scene for the calibration:

– Nothing and nobody close to the camera, at least 3 meters

– A street with buildings and trees, squares, parking lots

– Large halls, like sports venues, with a structured ceiling, with a camera in the open

– Public garage with no cars or columns at less than 3 meters

If a calibration shot cannot be obtained, choose the shot most fitting the above.

Optional, especially convenient for cameras with little overlap: Ask for a static scene, and two shots, second with the rig rotated half its camera spacing: Means if they are 4 cameras at the horizon at 90 degrees, rotate the rig 45 degrees. This provides an apparent doubling of a number of cameras and produces better lens distortion detection.

Notice that if a camera allows setting the image ratio at different values, like GoPro that can record both 4:3 and 16:9, settings for both resolutions may be needed. Recording a larger image is always better but some customers used a 16:9 ratio apparently.

The fastest and easiest way to get your technical problem solved is by reaching out to our Mistika Experts on the SGO Support Portal and they will be more than happy to assist you. Simply click on “New support ticket” in the upper right corner and provide them with some details of your problem.