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    Jeff Fitzsimmons

    I’m running into some weird audio sync issues with Mistika VR.  I am stitching 30fps videos from the Obsidian and outputting to a frame sequence. I decided to double check the image sequence against the original footage for audio sync in premiere. I imported the frame sequence and interpreted it as 30fps and then imported one of the original files (confirmed 30fps) from the obsidian (just for the audio track) and when I line up the beginning, the audio is off by a few seconds by the end of the clip (approx 1 1/2 minute clip total). I double checked that the workflow was 30fps all the way to premiere and it is. I then decided to render out a low res mp4 from Mistika and the audio is drifting out of sync in that output file too. When I play the original file from the camera, the audio is in sync all the way to the end.

    Any idea where the video framerate or audio could be getting tweaked in the Mistika render?



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    Milosz Hermanowicz

    Yes, I got the same issue, whatever the camera I use, whatevertjhe frame rate. In my case it’s about half a second drift but it’s always there. Not a big deal for me, but it would be great to fix this bug.




    I’m having the exact same issue. In my case I have 2+ hours recorded from an Insta360 Pro 8k camera.

    Is this a bug? Can it be fixed? Attempting as I write this…

    If there’s a workaround within premiere pro that would be fine for me. I’m currently attempting to speed up or slow down certain parts of the video so it can be lined up. The most interesting thing I came across is that by slowing the 30fps footage to 80% speed lined things up the best, by doing that in a 30fps sequence you end up with duplicate framing.

    The key here is to change your VR video speed to 80% or a percent very close to that then change the sequence settings to 24fps. This is working for all my footage. This seems like a bug within Mistika, or perhaps even a programming error.

    Hope this helps!

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