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    Dear Mistika VR Team, we built a custom camera rig for a high end 360 series production and want to test Mistika, unfortunately we cant stitch it, as the Presets dont work. Does importing a Ptgui preset work? Or can we send you 3 pictures or the PTgui preset so that you can create a Mistika preset shortly? Thanks, we need to test and decide on the workflow in the next days. Thanks. Best, Michael

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    Rocío Del Pino

    Hi m.geidel,

    Many thanks for your interest in Mistika VR. Let me explain you that Mistika supports PtGui metadata and Hugin as well. You can import the .pts file after loading the clips. Also our preset library are being increased in every new version. So maybe you already have your preset there.

    If you want to try the eval version please find it here: https://www.sgo.es/product/mistika-vr-beta-eval-version/

    Also here you can find Learning & support resources for Mistika VR: https://support.sgo.es/solution/articles/1000251392-learning-support-resources-for-mistika-vr


    I hope it helps!

    Best Regards,


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