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    Rocío Del Pino

    Hi all,

    Latest release version (8.8.1)  include a License Server Global Configuration very useful for users want to use their license as remote.

    To use this feature please follow the next steps:


    1. Open the SGO Activation tool and click in Settings icon.



    2. You will see a window where you must to insert the IP address (localhost) or system name. Then click on Check Connection.



    3. You will see a window like this and the IP address will  appears in Remote System. Then click on Continue for checking the active products.



    4. If you can see the IP address in Currently active products for… the system is ready for running as usual.




    I hope this helps!

    Best Regards,



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    Where can I find the SGO Activation Tool on my Mac? I had the free trial version of Mistika VR and just upgraded to the monthly subscription but I cannot figure out how to find the SGO Activation Tool to deactivate the trial version and start using the paid version where I can render stitched videos. And on the SGO website when trying to activate the new license it asks me for my System ID (LMdata) which I also don’t know.

    Thanks- John




    Where do I find the “SGO Activation tool” please?, I’d like to activate the licence.



    Gary Yost

    I’m wondering the same thing.  I just purchased a license, am trying to install it, and it’s requiring me to use the Activation Tool but where is that?

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