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    Javier Moreno


    We have started to develop the integration with external Render Farm software

    We need your feedback in relation to this, please if you would like this capability let us know:

    – For which render farm manager do you need support ( Smedge, BatchManager, Deadline, etc … )?

    – What operating systems  are important for your render farm ?  (Windows, Mac, Linux), do you need support for multi platform render farms ?

    – Do you need the capability to also pass the rnd scripts to your own user scripts ? (same to what is done with render farms but calling your own user scripts ) and if that is the case what extra metadata do you need to pass to those scripts.



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    Javier Moreno

    A new button Add To Render Queue has been added to the render panel, and it is already available in latest Mistika VR beta version.  By now, it comes configuration examples to submit render jobs to  two batch render management applications  ( Uberware Smedge and Mistika Ultima BatchManager), with more to come in future versions.

    Preliminar usage instructions are kept in this article (you need to be logged in at SGO web site to see it):


    The new feature already works but please note that it is still in development. Please send your feedback in reply to this post.




    Hi Javier,

    Looking to try and integrate Mistika VR into the rest of my VFX pipeline which is managed through Rush Render Queue.  Was wondering if you would be interested in working with the creator of Rush, a friend of mine, Greg Ercolano (erco at seriss dot com) to pipe it over to Rush natively.

    Let me know if you think this is something that might be possible?  Additionally, how are you guys managing render seat licensing?  Are they free with a current interactive license or are there special pricing for that.



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