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    james tittle

    I’m using Mistika VR v.8.8.4 on an iMac Retina 5k, 4 GHz i7, 48 GB RAM with an AMD Radeon M395 card.  Getting render speeds of 2.9 fps when I output 4k files.  I’m a new user, and I haven’t been able to find any info on exactly what to expect.  Is this slow, fast, or normal?  Is there a way to speed it up?  Can anyone point me to a simple, accurate tutorial or written instructions that specifically covers rendering?  Thanks!

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    Javier Moreno

    The 2.9 fps sounds normal for that specs, but it also depends on the complexity of the scenes. The  complexity depends on these aspects, from top to down:

    – The activation of Optical Flow. This is the most complex process of all.

    –  The number of cameras and their total aggregated resolution

    – The render resolution and the render codec.

    In general,  those processes need these resources:

    – Most of the processing in Mistika VR is made by GPU: Geometry adjustments, Color adjustments, Optical Flow (which is typically the bottleneck), etc.  Then, the GPU is the most critical component.

    – The  processes that are let to CPUs  are only the decoding of camera codecs and encoding of the render codec. With the exception of uncompressed codecs and the NVidia codecs in the particular case of Windows.

    Then, if you see low CPU usage while rendering it is probably because the GPU is acting as a bottleneck, and a faster GPU would be recommended.

    But if you see very high usage of CPU while rendering, then the image codecs are the bottleneck.   Selecting an easier codec for test renders may help ,  or if you have an SSD or a fast disk array you could use an uncompressed formats to save CPU resources.

    In general, most of the render panel options are auto explicative. Except the Add to render queue button, for which there is this document in the knowledge base





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