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    Hi dear SGO forum,

    i’m working on footage from the KanDao ObsidianR right now. To get footage with 60fps the camera only allows recordings in 4k (seperate video size: 1900×1500 px). I was able to get a somewhat good stitch with the 3800×3000 KanDao-settings, but the footage initially wasn’t “filling” the frame, also i believe that it wouldn’t be a good start to have the videofiles scaled by 200% to fit the height…

    I took a look into the .grp-file and made some (propably poor and amateurish) adjustments but it somewhat gave me a better result in terms of “filled frame”.

    I’ve attatched the file below. Some of the values i couldn’t allocate remained from the initial 3800×3000 setting.

    My problem now is that SGO won’t load (or apply) the embedded KanDao stitching Profile from the files anymore, and i assume that i will have to do something with my poorly editing of the Camera-File.

    If anyone has a more empirical approach, i’d be more than grateful.




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    Hi Fred,

    As long as the lens coverage is the same in the 3800×3000 than the 1900×1500 the preset should work. Mistika VR wont scale the frame to 3800×3000 at any point, you can just choose a lower project resolution (Is it 6k or 4k the maximum you can get from those sources?).

    Also, almost anything that you do by editing the grp manually you can do it with the MistiaVR interface. I don’t see any advantages on editing the preset in plain text over doing it with the GUI.

    After you loaded the Obsidian 3800×3000 preset remember to go to positions and load Kandao calibration, that should give you a better starting point.

    You may want to check this tutorial: https://vimeo.com/244619923

    Share a frame of each camera if you still have issues and I’ll give it a go.





    I would like to know what is the preset for stereo clips shot with the iZugar 6 rig.

    Thank you,


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