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    Hi guys,

    We have a project we started on 8.5.11. it has on many shots a lut selected inside a color grade.
    Last Thursday we opened it on 8.5.14, and all the luts do not appear on screen. when we look inside the color grade the lut is still selected, and if we select it again it works.

    any quick fixes?


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    sorry for the incorrect topic
    The lut lost the link to the lut directory .
    Dose anyone have an idea how to get the link back with out going into every shot and link again?
    Thanks a lot Yoav.

    PS : its been posted at support too



    Hi Yoavaz

    Sorry for the late reply – I usually get an email for questions like this.
    Several ways that you can do this. One is where you open the .ENV in a Text Editor and do a Find & Change operation for all LUTs. It’s quite easy to do in KWrite.

    If that’s a bit boring the other thing that you could is either create a link from the folder that it’s currently pointing to the new folder that it’s pointing to. So basically Mistika is pointing to one directory to read the LUT, and that folder contains a link to the new directory that contains the LUT.

    The last option is what I would actually do: Copy & Paste all of your LUTs into the folder that it’s currently pointed to. LUTs don’t usually take up much space so it’s an easy fix.

    Odd that it happened though.

    BTW: Entirely up to you but don’t use LUTs much. If I find a LUT that I like I’ll usually be able to reproduce it with CURVE GRADE in COLOUR GRADE. Means that I can tweak it if necessary. It’s easy to do – just take a Grey Scale, apply the LUT to it and then take a Snapshot. Then clear it back to neutral activate the Snapshot so that it runs left to right across 1 half of the screen. Now when you open your RGB Waveform you’ll see exactly what it’s doing, as well as the changes to CURVE GRADE necessary to duplicate it.

    Make sense?



    Hi Sam
    Thanks a lot for those tips.
    Support did help on this one.
    But it’s good to know this workarounds.
    Thanks Yoav



    My pleasure Yoav

    If you are interested in new tricks/work-arounds then I started a post here that might interest you.

    For every tip/trick someone posts I will post another of equal awesomeness or greater.

    Requests considered (as long as the subject isn’t audio. I don’t have the brain space for audio as well)



    Hi Sam
    Of course i sow it but didn’t have time to post something
    hope to do it soon
    Thanks again And see you at IBC
    Yoav Raz



    I should be there but I won’t be on the SGO stand. I’m 100% freelance these days – and definitely no demos ever again (cringe)

    I’m just replying to these because I know there’s always operator questions that Support may not know the answer to – so I answer those questions for the Good Karma alone 🙂

    I’m on:
    +44 7899095494

    Hopefully we can catch up at some point. Either way – enjoy Amsterdam 😀



    Thanks appreciate it very much
    It is a Good karma indeed.

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