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    it looks really surprising to me, that opening the access to misika insight didn’t entail more interest and a slightly more vivid user community here in this forum. well — i’m sure, this only effects a more or less negligible audience. professionals in the film industry already know about this software and use other communication channels. but it’s still a little bit disappointing, that such a wonderful software solution didn’t find more acceptance and curiosity in other circles.

    and when i’m asking again for opening mistika insight on the linux platform as well, this may sound utterly crazy, because it concerns an even smaller minority of possible interested users than on mac and windows machines. but there are some reasons, why linux addicts may be more interested in this particular kind of software and are perhaps more willing to adopt to some of its idiosyncrasies and a step learning curve.

    by giving the power of mistikas core components to this community, and allowing them to use it for non-profit work, education and software development research, you could IMHO really attract an additional audience and gain wider publicity, without much/any disadvantages concerning the more commercial oriented business interests of sgo.

    it would be really great, if you could think about this request and consciously return a little bit back to those particular operating system and community, which your company always utilized as the main development and production platform.

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    IMO, the key point resides in education beyond the OS platform(s).

    Mistika is an amazing and unique peice of software(s). It is extremely well valued by the high-end pros. As a newcomer in the system I can say that the most difficult (for me) is not, let’s say the theory of color, because in the end it’s the same for everyone regardless of softwares. It is the way the interface works that requires a complete rethinking and break die hard habits. And most of the time Mistika is right. That’s so logical, the way it should be.

    The engineers at SGO are truly geniuses. But are we necesarly being trained the “way it should be”? I think of Lightworks in editorial. There is nothing currently on the market that features such capabilities in the hands of a knowledgeable editor for the task it’s been designed. However, who uses Lightworks for cutting except a niche of high-end oscar winner editors? The ordinary cuts PP, Avid and color Resolve.

    In a way Mistika is the same. People know it, respect it, or heard about it but the average user fears its learning curve. Its different sophistication might result intimidating for many. This is not a O.S problem. It’s education and marketing. Marketing and education.

    Even in the Red forum, in LGG etc…the Mistika forums are still very marginal. The good side is that everybody helps in Mistika tribe and there are very knowledgeable pros answering to the rookies. So when one asks a question in a Mistika forum here or there, we can be sure that the answer will be serious. But the problem is that there are few questions.

    The key in this world of quick visuals and networking is called ressources. Not everyone can travel to Madrid for a certification. The more ressources available the better.

    Insight is already a huge step and a great opportunity given by SGO. They did the right thing. The next step is information. The few peoole in the very high-end have the cash, knowledge, and structures to be operative quickly in any system. When they need training, support and information, they obtain it outside forums.

    Now, this forum exists, and I’d have thousands questions to ask here. “How to”…this or that. But I don’t dare.

    Best regards.




    Javier Moreno

    Hi Ms & Fred,

    Thanks for your thoughts, they are very encouraging.  And I believe they are in line with the direction that we are moving at SGO

    Regarding the Linux question:  Mistika Ultima is developed on Linux, so it may sound strange that the training version is for win/mac only. But it is mainly for two reasons:

    First, because Mistika Insight was initially developed for training centers, which requested a Win/Mac training version as a complement to the Linux version that was already  available to them (Mistika Ultima on linux) to also cover their other platforms and student computers who did’nt have linux.

    Secondly, because Mistika Ultima is normally provided as a turnkey system highly optimised for  specific hardware and a very specific linux distribution (currently CeontOS 7.2).  This model provides great advantages in terms of performance, stability, and immediate support for critical environments (as our developers have identical systems as the clients).  It also provides trivial installations by using a dedicated iso file. But all this is only true for that specific hardware & OS combination.

    Unfortunately this model makes more complex to install and support the product on random hardware with random linux distributions (not to mention that most linux users evolve to different package combinations…).  Meanwhile Win & Mac are a bit of the opposite. In one hand these OS can be barely modified for additional performance (source code is not available),  but as most users have almost identical OS versions the products are easier to install and support.

    Said that, our development mentality is still full multiplatform linux/win/mac.  This does not mean identical software  everywhere, as both models make sense; Turnkey systems optimised for specific platforms, and software-only products for heterogeneous environments.  Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

    In any case, Mistika technology is rapidly evolving in order to become more flexible and to suite as many user environments as possible.   What I can say is that this year  you are going to see many important advances for all the platforms:  More of the current linux-only functionality will go into win/mac products,  and some of those products will also be made available for linux (and including more common distributions).  Regarding the linux turnkey systems, they will also experience big advances pretty soon, so we plan to advance all the system architectures.

    Going back to the original question (Insight on linux):  Even if is not currently available for linux, in some cases we can also provide evaluation versions of the linux software (Mistika Ultima for linux).  But please understand that this may require to assign engineers for time consuming installations and support, so we can only do it in a case by case basis.  Users working in linux environments can explain their needs ( either contacting sales channels or by simply opening a support ticket to explain their projects ) and we try to attend as many of those cases as reasonably possible.

    Finally, regarding the other comments about communication channels….. I can only say that you are absolutely right.  In my humble opinion we have made significant advances on this matter over the last year, specially with MistikaVR,  but there is a lot more to do and we are fully committed to develop our community channels over this year.


    Javier Moreno


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