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    Miguel Doncel

    Hi All, we have created a small app to reorder Kandao sequences to make them easier to import into MistikaVR

    The development is in Beta atm, It will include it in 8.8.5 when it is released (in the coming weeks). But if you are using Kandao cameras, and you need this tool, feel free to download it:

    Windows Version: Attached to this post.

    OSX Version: (Comming soon)

    How to install it?

    in the future, it will be installed with the Mistika VR installer, but at the moment, the installation has to be manual. to do it, follow these simple steps:

    1.- Download the file for your operative system

    2.- extract the binary in the same directory where you have Mistika VR installed. By default the directory is:

    Windows: C:/Program Files/SGO/VR/bin

    OSX: Right click on Mistika VR icon and click on Show Contents. The full path is MistikaVR/Contents/MacOS

    How to use the app?

    In order to use the app just launch it. A window similar to this one will appear:


    Drop any Kandao file or group of files into the window. The full sequence for those files will be copied and renumbered in subfolder(s) of their initial folder

    We hope this tool is useful for the Kandao / Mistika VR users

    Happy New Year!!

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    What is the next step? How to import those files in Mistika VR to be undestood them as an only secuence?

    Thanks in advance,


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