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    Looking for some explanation of Optical flow values like: MinLevel, Levels, Iterations.

    Can’t find any documentation for Mistik VR anywhere.

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    Roman Dudek


    By far most useful parameter in the OF parameters tab is the “Range” parameter. large range means OF will try to follow pixels to a larger paralax (for objects very near to the camera for example) but will increase the risk of errors near the edges of the source camera images. Normally, simply try the Medium, Large and Larger settings and see what works best.

    Smoothness is a parameter to tell how fine grained should be the optical flow: Smaller value means separating the image into smaller units, possibly separating smaller details at varying distances, but increasing the risk of wrong matches when trying so. Contrarily, larger values makes the match more continuous and stable, but with less details separation.

    Iterations is the number of loops Mistika tries to nudge the pixels into a match. Normally this saturates quick, so higher number produces only marginal improvement and makes the render much slower. 25 is usually just the good number.

    Cheers, Roman

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