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    I’m using the following rig with 6 GoPro Hero 5 cameras


    the other gopro preset rigs don’t fit, among other things I suspect it’s also because the lens focal is a bit different than the Hero 4 cameras, I have to use PTGui every time, and it also doesn’t give me good stitch every time.

    how can I improve the stitching and save it as a preset so I don’t have to go through PTGui every time?

    Thank you,



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    Rocío Del Pino

    Hi Koby,

    Did you sync the audio in Mistika before sending the images to PtGui? This step is very important in order to stitch your media properly. If doing that you still have a wrong behaviour, please send 1 sample (including original media files and preset) to support@sgo.es and an expert will check it.

    About how to save a stitching as a preset, you can easily do that doing right click on the clip stach and you will be able to see ‘save preset’ option.






    Thank you for your very fast reply,

    I never managed to sync the clips properly in MistikaVR, I’m doing it in Premiere pro in advance, the stitch in PTGui sometimes comes out good and sometimes doesn’t, I can’t really tell the difference since I’m using the same rig and the same camera settings.

    Which media files do you need? the video from each camera? and the preset you mean the pts file from PTGui?


    Rocío Del Pino

    One of our developers have created a Preset creation protocol. If you are able to follow the next, we could create a perfect preset for you rig. Send please a clip of every single camera of a scene complying the next:


    Scene for Calibration

    First, try to obtain a suitable scene for the calibration:

    • Nothing and nobody close to the camera, at least 3 meters.
    • A street with buildings and trees, squares, parking lots.
    • Large halls, like sports venues, with structured ceiling, with camera in the open.
    • Public garage with no cars or columns at less than 3 meters
      If a calibration shot can not be obtained, choose the shot most fitting the above

    Optional, specially convenient for cameras with little overlap: Ask for a static scene, and two shots, second with the rig rotated half its camera spacing: Means if they are 4 cameras at the horizont at 90 degrees, rotate the rig 45 degrees. This provides apparent doubling of number of cameras and produces better lens distortion detection.

    Notice that if a camera allows setting the image ratio at different values, like Gopro that can record both 4:3 and 16:9, settings for both resolutions may be needed. Recording larger image is always better but some customers used 16:9 ratio apparently.





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