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    Hey there,

    Looking for some help in getting the best quality footage from my Garmin Virb 360.

    I have got great results from the stitching and stabilisation features. However, when I export a clip 5.7k resolution) I have 2 issues:


    1. I cannot view the exported file (.mp4) on my windows 10 computer
    2. When I import the file into other editing software (like premiere pro) the quality is noticably worse then the 5.7k rendered video from the standard Garmin software

    I think I must not have the best render settings. Any advice?

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    up the bitrate and turn down the GOP.

    i’m stitching kodaks at 128k bitrate and still don’t understand why my stitched file is the same size as an individual cam file (each cam works on 61.1k ).. it’s an ongoing question round here you can see many related posts.

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