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    Hi there,

    I got a new geforce 1080ti with 11GB VRAM and rendering goes really fast with the new mistika vr version. But for some strange reason in some of the rendered clips (I use lossless nvidea/hvec/mpeg preset) I see some sort of small pixel flashes (see screenshot attached). I use the standard settings from nvidea control panel and I pay attention no other software is occupying the GPU when rendering. System is Win10 54 Pro with an i7 7820x and 32 GB RAM.

    Maybe I just have to do any setting in the graphics card panel? I have the same issue when rendering with nvidea/hvec with third party encoders like Xmedia Recode….

    thanks for any tip!




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    Javier Moreno

    Hi Seb,

    If it also fails with other applications then it points to the Nvidia driver or a hardware issue. I would recommend this:

    1 РInstall the latest NVidia driver  (also check that you are using Mistika VR 8.4.4, as previous version 8.4.3 did not work well with latest drivers)

    2 –¬† That should fix the problem. But if the problem persists, then I would recommend to make a test in other system (for example you could do a temporal license reallocation to any other computer for the test). This test is to confirm or discard if it could be a hardware problem.

    Please let us know the result






    Thanks Javier. I really think it is/was some other application. I disabled hardware acc. in Chrome Browser kicked all that stuff like that stupid GPU Fan monitoring Tools which came with the card and until now is fine….I think you just have to make sure that in rendering status nothing else is on the GPU than the rendering app….



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