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    I have an operational question about the best way to monitor your work in Insight. Obviously there is no video output so I need to watch my work on the RECORD monitor. I can’t seem to find a good way to be able to do this? I can keep it small in it’s default position on the timeline page or expand it to full screen but those options mean either having a small window or having to switch from full screen back to the timeline/visual editor to then do more work. I tried moving the RECORD monitor over to a second monitor so I can keep that at full screen while I edit on the timeline but whenever I move the window to the second screen it just vanishes? Is this a bug or a limitation of Insight? Just trying to work out the best way to be able to view my work whilst I am editing. It’s fine when doing FX work or Colour Grading etc., as I can use the visual editor but for straight editing and trimming work the small window is a pain and the full screen is clear enough but doesn’t allow me to make trims etc.

    Am I missing another way or working with Insight in this kind of situation?

    Thanks for any input.


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    Hi Rob,

    Sorry rushed answering without reading the whole thing. Try configuring mistika in a dual monitor configuation and enable Raise Monitor Option. See if that helps.





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