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    We have iTunes like service with 4,000 VR videos library: mostly stereoscopic shot with GoPros 180/360 60 FPS and quite a lot of them have problems with all sorts of stereo mis-alignments. It makes eyes strained and many videos are really hard to watch. We have these videos in equirectangular or fisheye.

    We already use custom fish eye mesh in our playback software. Also we do vertical and horizontal offset correction. Some videos are downgraded to mono by default since stereo is completely broken.

    There’s a chance to better improve these videos in post-production or playback software and we are looking for someone who can help us in that either as consultant or editor. Guys at Mistika proved it’s doable. There’re around 100 producers of those videos and we have to come up with studio specific setups for correction, then to implement those.

    Another possibility for improvements is colour correction. It’s effective at AMOLED displays where we can arrange proper level of black and do some contrast adjustment.

    Please contact support@deovr.com

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