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    Miguel Doncel

    Hi All,

    As we progress with the VR3D beta, we have found several of the additional functionalities we have implemented are reliable enough to be released, so we have decided to release them and keep working on the VR3D beta, which will probably be in the market very soon 🙂

    Customers can download it from their downloads page:


    If you are not a customer yet, you can get your version in:


    New Features:

    1. Circular fisheye: Circular fisheye support has been implemented and it can now be imported from PTgui.
    2. New input camera “compositing mode”: a new parameter has been added to allow adding logos or patches created in any external tool. To do that, set this parameter to “Overlay” and it will be composed over the final result using its mask channel. The overlay supports Yaw/Pitch/Roll and focal length adjustments.
    3. JPEG Render: It was one of the top requests in our last survey, so here it it. Mistika VR now renders out jpeg sequences.
    4. PNG Render: PNG format added to render formats.
    5. TIFF Render: TIFF format added to render formats.
    6. Color match between in and out points: Now color match is processed in the used section of the clip (between in and out points) speeding up the process.
    7. Resolution info in cameras: The camera preview images now show the actual image resolution and clip name info.
    8. Audio Match max offset: Audio match has a new parameter to define the maximum offset accepted as a valid offset. This new parameter makes the analysis faster and more accurate avoiding extremely big offsets which are usually incorrect.
    9. Variable Edge points feather: Now Edge points have a variable feather.
    10. Edge points feather control added: using the ctrl+shift+left mouse button.
    11. “Fill Holes” added: new parameter to fill minor holes by extrusion.
    12. New Presets:
    • Boxfish360 Dry
    • Boxfish360 Wet
    • Mi Sphere 360
    • GoPro 360Rize Pro10 v2
    • GoPro 360Rize Pro7 v2
    • GoPro 360Rize Abyss
    • GoPro Kolor Abyss
    • KanDao Obsidian S

    Performance improvements:

    Audio Match performance has been improved.

    Bugs Fixed: 

    Fixed 1393: Work and Material Project paths now support spaces.
    Fixed 1355: Marks are now removed when saving a camera preset.
    Fixed 1376: Misleading message when spaces are present in the render name has been fixed.
    Fixed 1358: Loading layouts with detached windows has been fixed.
    Fixed 1361: Crash when loading presents by drag and drop to Visual Editor.
    Fixed 1362: Loss of focus in Project Manager after changing any setting.
    Fixed 1403: Random crash starting color match fixed.

    Fixed 1410: Audio in render to mp4 fails with some cameras

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