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    SGO and users,   Could you please suggest a workflow you desire or are using for Mistka VR in a NAS network configuration with multiple Mystica VR seats.                                            And a file structure for raw cameras, metadata, Mystika VR scripts, and Mystika VR renders.                                                                                      As well as how to render on additional machines can be added in a render queue?

    It seems to like local files. But it would be good to make use of the network and additional rendering that may be available.

    Thanks in advance!

    Jeff Olm


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    Hi Jeff,

    MistikaVR shouldn’t have any problems working of a NAS, but there are some things to keep in mind.

    For easier setup, replicate the same paths in all systems, so that the NAS is always mounted in Z: (if you’re in windows) in all the systems.

    Move your project folder to the NAS and point all systems to it.

    Users can open any project at the same time, but MistikVR would’t manage permissions on opened timelines, so make sure one user is not overwriting the work of others. When I work on a network, I usually save a copy of a timeline with a suffix if I know someone else is working on it.

    As per render farm, I tested smedge locally and it works great.

    You can organize the rushes to your taste, but also have in mind the network speed so that it doesn’t become the bottleneck.

    If you’re network is fast enough I will put them all in the NAS, if it isn’t I will duplicate the rushes on all systems, making sure they follow exactly the same folder structure (this can get messy, better to have a good network)

    My folder structure for the rushes is PROJECT/RUSHES/DATE/RIG/CARD(s)/SHOT

    MistikaVR Renders go into PROJEC/EXPORT/

    I hope this answers some of your questions!

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