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    Roman Dudek

    This is Is a better optimized preset for ZCam S1Pro at 3840×2160 resolution.  The previous version of this preset was based on an atypical scene and used overzealous lens undistortion, causing problems at the zenith and nadir.

    Be sure to center the crop circle of each lens, it is critical for good alignment.


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    Hi Roman,

    Still having some issues with this preset. Currently, have an outside shot with blue sky where I am failing to get overlap. Working on a 6K project where my poles are just black. I have tried this updated preset as well as cropping the single cameras but still no luck – is there anything I am missing.

    This is only happening on 8.8.3 release, 8.8.2 it is correct.

    Thanks for your help,




    same here

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