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    Roman Dudek


    Here is the ZCam S1Pro preset updated to support 3D. Only the 2880×2880 resolution preset is possible, as the 3840×2160 preset crops the image too much, reducing overlap to less then minimum necessary for 3D.

    Usage is similar to that in the tutorial about Insta360Pro. However, 4 cameras is really lower limit for making stereo, so the 3D results may be somewhat limited.

    Cheers, Roman

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    Dear Roman, thanks for the Rig Preset. I am new to Mistika VR. Is your Preset the same that comes with the installation of Mistika VR? There is also one, that is preinstalled. But my important question ist: your Preset ist for 2880×2880. In my ZCam S1Pro, there is only a Shooting-Preset at 28162816. Does that make any difference? Why that? Do I have a different camera? Firmware? Thanks for help! Thorsten


    Roman Dudek

    Hi Thorsten,

    Normaly, the presets we publish separately, are comming with the next full build of Mistika published. So, the most modern one is the one in the current Mistika 8.8.6 you can download from SGO web page.

    The resolution difference you mention should not make much difference – it is probably a small crop applied. We should create exact preset for this new resolution. The “Improve angles” tool should be able to easily compensate for a 2% difference. If the difference were larger, we would need to create a separate preset.

    Cheers, Roman

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