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    Miguel Doncel

    Hi Robert,

    Chances are we will have that functionality available during the first Q next year. Thanks for the suggestion.

    in reply to: What is new in Mistika VR 8.8.4 #39518

    Miguel Doncel

    hi Susane,

    the best way is to uninstall 8.8.3 and install 8.8.4 as you suggest. you can also install 8.8.4 on top of 8.8.3 but even if that works, it is not a clean approach and will leave some useless data in the system registry. so we recommend uninstalling and installing


    please, do not hesitate to contact us if you need any help during the process

    in reply to: Insight update #31320

    Miguel Doncel

    Latest News: If everything goes as expected, Insight 8.6.8 will be available Next wednesday. As we are releasing Mistika 8.6.8 today, we will release directly the equivalent Insight Version next week



    in reply to: Insight update #31189

    Miguel Doncel

    at the moment we are more in the idea of creating micro tutorials in video for the new functionalities as we think that is easier to follow. but that in not 100% decided

    in reply to: Insight update #31187

    Miguel Doncel

    by the way… 8.7 is in beta. not out yet. and insight 8.7 will be released together

    in reply to: Insight update #31186

    Miguel Doncel

    8.6.7. from now on, insight will probably be very much in sync with Ultima releases.

    in reply to: Insight update #31184

    Miguel Doncel

    we are about releasing it. just making final tests on mac. it shouldn’t take long 🙂

    in reply to: R&D news: Offline deactivation Feature #30452

    Miguel Doncel

    Hi All,

    We have enabled the new online activation/deactivation tool on the web.

    This functionality will allow you to manage your licenses online, helping you to deactivate from one computer and reactivate it in a different one.

    You can access this new functionality in the My Account section of the web, or directly in this link:

    In the page you will find all your activation codes, and its status. We strongly recommend to do the de-activation and re-activation using the SGO Activation Tool, as it is not only faster but easier. But in those cases in which you are not in the system to deactivate, this page will become very handy.

    How does it work?

    Deactivation Process:

    1.- go to

    You will see a page like this:


    2.- Press the DEACTIVATE button for the activation code you want to deactivate

    3.- A confirmation page will be loaded. Press the CONFIRM DEACTIVATION button.


    The activation-codes page will be loaded again, and your code will be deactivated.

    4.- Now you can go to your new system and activate your activation code on it

    Note: The old system will stay in semi-deactivated mode. That means, the system needs to confirm the deactivation (see below). If your activation code doesn’t have an DEACTIVATE button, it could either be that the related product is not deactivable, or the activation code is still in semi-deactivated mode.

    Activation Process:

    If you have internet connection, you can activate again your code with the SGO Activation Tool as usual. but if you do not have internet connection, we have also added to the portal the ability to do offline activations. To do that:

    1.- press the ACTIVATE button for the activation code you want to activate. this will send you to the activation-wizard

    2.- Select the features to activate and press NEXT. By default, all the features attached to the activation code are enabled, which is the more likely option.

    3.- Enter your System ID (LMdata) and press ACTIVATE.

    The System ID can be found in the SGO Activation Tool and copied to the clipboard with the Copy System ID to Clipboard button


    You will receive the license by email, and if your system is connected to internet, it will automatically update your license next time to start the system.

    Confirming the deactivation:

    Once you disable a code, it will remain in semi-deactivated mode. that means, it will not accept more deactivations until the first one is confirmed.

    In order to confirm it, you just need to start the SGO License Server in the original system having internet connection. It will automatically confirm the deactivation for you, enabling your code to be deactivated again when needed.

    Please, feel free to give us feedback about this functionality.

    Kindly yours,

    in reply to: Volunteers for testing Mistika VR for OSX #29010

    Miguel Doncel

    I am running Mistika Build 8.8.0 Compile Jun 8 2017 on OSX 10.9.5 I don’t know if this is same on PC version but on Mac I always get the audio from all cameras combined. I cannot select a camera and get only that camera’s audio. I do know that on both PC and Mac, I do not hear any audio when I am in Mistika … either when looking at an individual camera or playing stitch. Tried with footage from ZCam S1 and Kodak SP360 … double checked file frame rate. Any ideas?

    Hi Mark,

    That could be a bug. I am forwarding the info to the development team to check it and they will update you after testing

    thanks for the feedback

    in reply to: Volunteers for testing Mistika VR for OSX #29009

    Miguel Doncel

    If you are still testing, I would be interested to try it out, Mac OS 10.11.6 here

    Hi laseyman,
    We are very interested in testing OSX in as many versions as possible to know what versions are supported by Mistika VR

    If you want to test it, your feedback will be very welcome.

    you can download the beta from this link (use the goplayvr17 coupon during checkout)

    looking forward to hearing your feedback

    in reply to: Volunteers for testing Mistika VR for OSX #28421

    Miguel Doncel

    Hi Anne,

    you should be ablr to download the latest version from this page:

    My Account


    please note you will need to be logged in to access the link

    I hope that helps

    in reply to: Volunteers for testing Mistika VR for OSX #27459

    Miguel Doncel

    for all wanting to test this OSX Beta candidate, you can download it in this link:

    (this link will only be valid 3 days)

    please note the version is a non-tested beta. so it may have significant failures.

    Our interest is to test it in as many different OSX versions as possible to see if it starts up properly (fixing the previous beta crash)

    Once we finish the internal tests, we will make this version available thuough the shop

    thanks for the support

    in reply to: Volunteers for testing Mistika VR for OSX #27452

    Miguel Doncel

    hi bincvfx,

    That is a known bug of the first beta. please try activating the software with the SGO activation tool. that should work for you.

    in reply to: GPU Usage #27422

    Miguel Doncel

    Hi bcavillac,

    the cluster technology we use in Mistika is still not implemented in VR. So indeed that gives us room to improve the performance even more but ATM that is not in the near future roadmap. We are currently focused in making the product as intuitive and reliable as possible to release i

    But users feedback is very important for future development, so we will keep your comment in mind. Is performance the key aspect to improve in your opinion?

    Kindly yours

    in reply to: HDR / 4th ball #17523

    Miguel Doncel

    We are closing this thread, Thanks again for the feedback,

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