Developed by SGO, the new game-changing media management, transcoding and delivery application Mistika Workflows  will be deployed at HPA Tech Retreat 2020 as a part of their Supersession video production pipeline. 

At the event, Mistika Workflows will be used to optimize resources and automate media creation, its packaging and delivery to online services and collaborative platforms. “HPA needed a powerful, reliable and easy-to-use solution to connect different parts of the pipeline into one comprehensive engine, and Mistika Workflows is a perfect fit for that,” commented Miguel Angel Doncel, CEO at SGO. “By integrating Mistika Workflows into the pipeline, we will be importantly reducing human intervention needed in the process and consequently eliminating errors and validation failures in the production chain.”

From RAW media in storage to YouTube upload – all in just one go!

Mistika Workflows’ smart feature Watch Folder will detect when media will be saved into a specific folder and then automatically trigger various tasks.  First, it will generate a HQ and LQ version of the media with a specific burn overlay. High-resolution versions will then be automatically uploaded for review sessions to, and low-res versions to YouTube. Once these actions are successfully completed, an email notification will be sent to the team supervising this workflow. 

“This is just one example of how Mistika Workflows can be used. Implementation options are infinite, due to its extended list of task nodes and the capability of adding personalized features using Python scripting,” added Doncel. 

Try Mistika Workflows, it is completely free!

Mistika Workflows is completely free of charge during the Open Beta period and available to everyone wanting to test-drive it and give their feedback on pre-release versions. Try now the latest version introducing YoutTube node integration by joining the 30-day Open Beta program by clicking on the button below.


At the end of the Open Beta testing, Mistika Workflows will be available online through the SGO Shop based on a pay-per-use business model with flexible payment options from just Euro €49 a month.