IBC 2018: SGO to host Industry Expert Sessions including Hollywood Feature Film Workflow and High-end VR Production

SGO is delighted to announce plans for IBC 2018 (Amsterdam, 14-18 September).

Visitors will be able to experience SGO’s complete Natively Integrated Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept with regular public presentations and bookable demonstrations throughout the day. The Mistika Technology Suite will showcase award winning Mistika VR and the brand new Mistika Review being shown for the first time in Europe.  There will also be a preview of Mistika Boutique, which includes the latest software developments for Mistika Ultima.


SGO’s Stand (6.A11) will also be an arena for many industry expert presentations covering various topics from high-end VR production to Hollywood feature film workflow.  The sessions are:


“The Eleventh Hour: A Review Pipeline for the Impossible Schedule”
Carlos Galan IV, Stereoscopic Coordinator at Marvel Studios

Friday, 14 September – 15:00  I Saturday, 15 September – 16:00
Sunday, 16  September – 15:00  I Monday, 17 September- 12:00

Carlos will be discussing the Studio Creative Review Pipeline at Marvel Studios in Hollywood. He will highlight how multiple Mistika Ultima systems are integrated into Marvel’s pipeline to enable the production team to review shots effortlessly and at speed. Carlos will also talk about their database, Mistika Ultima and how they use python scripting and automation to tie everything together efficiently.

“A close up look of real-life workflows”
Sasha Franklin, Owner of Edit Studios, Amit Gilboa, Mistika Technical Director & Workflow Manager and Yoav Raz, Colorist, Edit Studios

Saturday, 15 September – 12:00  I Sunday, 16 September – 12:00

Limited time, high pressure and low budgets have one solution in common: Mistika Ultima. Sasha Franklin, Amit Gilboa and Yoav Raz from Edit Studios Tel Aviv will explain how their Mistika Ultima System allows them to be comprehensive and flexible and to provide solutions from pre-shoot to delivery – including last minutes changes, VFX, mixed resolutions, file formats, frame rates, subtitling and DCPs. In a small market where you must be able to deal with anything thrown at you with limited time and budget, Mistika Technology has been their greatest discovery.

“How to complete a 10 day 360 video production in under 24 hours”
Ben Huss, SkyEdge CEO

Saturday, 15 September – 11:00  I Sunday, 16 September – 16:00

In August SkyEdge 360 filmed, stitched, edited and created an app for a 360º point of view experience at Boomtown Festival in under 24 hours. Ben Huss will share with you how he made it.

“Me and my 700 friends, the sharks”
Alexandre Regeffe, founder of Neotopy

Saturday, 15 September – 15:00  I Sunday, 16 September – 11:00

Alexandre will present his “700 sharks” documentary and discuss how practical and magical Mistika VR was on a project  facing very difficult stitching challenges. He will also share his interesting anecdotes from the field: From Polynesia to NYC, the shooting of the “replay memories” project, an interactive VR documentary about  9/11.


“Pipeline for production of 360 videos”
Mark Kaye, 360 Specialist at M7Virtual

Saturday, 15 September – 14:00  I Sunday, 16 September – 14:00

Mark will give an exclusive overview of the entire process required to create a 360º VR project and explain why Mistika VR is the right solution to complete it successfully. He will also show videos of the production workflow undertaken for the world-class resort,  Sandy Lane in Barbados.



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