SGO presents revolutionary Mistika 10 in an exclusive event for the Chinese Creative Community

Published On: October 21st, 2020


SGO hosts an exclusive Chinese language online live event to the Chinese Color Community, introducing a completely redesigned Color GUI together with other all-new exciting features and functionalities of Mistika 10.

This exclusive Mistika 10 Exclusive Chinese online session will take place on 8 November 2020 at 7 PM Beijing timeSign up now by clicking on the button below:

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“Presenting Mistika 10 to the Chinese market is an exciting opportunity for SGO due the fast-growing number of Mistika Technology users that come from the region. As always, we are truly looking forward to receiving feedback from the creative community on the latest developments that include a completely redesigned color interface and of course many other useful features that helps set Mistika apart and gives users a competitive edge,” shared Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO. 

“We are very pleased to show Mistika 10 for the very first time to the Chinese colorists in their own language and we look forward to demonstrating a differentiating solution with a live event that takes color grading to a whole new level,” said Jackeyia Zhang, SGO China General Sales Manager. “

The presentation will be hosted by Li Jianping, renowned Freelance Colorist. “The main focus of the presentation will be the latest developments of Mistika Boutique with a brand-new color GUI combined with enhanced tools, features and color management for both SDR and HDR grading,” shared Li Jianping, adding that he will also speak about how to efficiently tackle with Mistika Boutique some of the most common issues Chinese colorists face in their day to day work. 

After the presentation, participants will also have the opportunity to ask questions related to the new Mistika 10 release. 

SGO在中国创意社区的独家活动将演示具有革命性的Mistika 10

SGO推出独家中文在线直播活动,通过Mistika 10向中国DI调色者介绍全新色彩GUI及其它全新的丰富功能。

本次Mistika 10独家中文在线会议将于北京时间2020年11月8日北京时间下午19:00


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“对于SGO来说,向中国观众展示全新Mistika 10非常重要,因为很多Mistika用户来自中国,所以我们非常期待听到富有创意的用户,对全新色彩界面和其他令人兴奋的最新功能的反馈。”

SGO全球总经理杰夫•米尔斯(Geoff Mills)表示。

SGO中国区销售总经理张雪松表示:“我们非常高兴第一次请中国的调色师的向大家展示Mistika 10,我们期待向大家展示一种全新的具有差异化的色彩解决方案,将色彩分级提升到一个全新的水平。”


“演讲的主要焦点将通过最新的MistikaBoutique 10 向大家介绍全新的色彩GUI及其他新的功能,如色彩管理、如何同时进行SDR及HDR的版本调色等。” 李建平补充到,我们还将谈论如何有效地通过MistikaBoutique10解决一些常见的问题。