Explore CG Compositing and Color Grading workflow for Meta’s ‘Quest for Fitness’

Published On: June 21st, 2022

In case you missed it, here is a replay of LAPPG monthly meeting featuring Light Sail VR and Dungeon Beach, discussing CG Compositing and grading VR workflow deployed on Meta’s “Quest for Fitness: Escape and Shape”. You will see how to do a remote grade where the colorist and the client are both wearing the VR headset!

In this session the speakers focused on the production point of view and revealed how they created 3D backgrounds in Blender and combined them with live captured images. They talked as well about the finishing workflow and about how they used Mistika Boutique’s DI functionality to grade the media.

Meet the speakers!

Matthew Celia is the co-founder and creative director of Light Sail VR, a boutique creative studio pushing the boundaries of immersive storytelling. Light Sail VR specializes in creating immersive content with compelling characters and stunning visuals for both brands and original programming. They have worked with some of media’s biggest brands like Google, Refinery 29, Condé Nast and Paramount Pictures. Matthew’s main goal at Light Sail VR is simply to continue making VR more accessible and easy to use for his clients, and help them create the best content for their audience.

Jeff Sousa is supervising colorist at Dungeon Beach, a boutique post house in Brooklyn offering audio and picture finishing services under one roof. He’s energized by the storytelling breakthroughs made possible when the entire team is together during the home stretch. Jeff believes in the visceral power of color and tone to meld your mind with a film’s protagonist. He likes to turn knobs until you feel something. Jeff’s visual sensibilities come from a background in directing and general cinephilia. He received his MFA from Columbia University in 2010 and, before that, studied film history at The University of Chicago. Jeff has lived abroad in Spain and Japan, and frequently collaborates with Japanese DPs on everything from Netflix Original Series to AAA music videos from Japan’s biggest boy band. Jeff lives with his wife and two kids in Sunset Park.

Alex Pearce is a Partner and Senior Creative Technologist at Light Sail VR and oversees the technical side including virtual production, photo real visual effects, 3D pre-visualization as well as augmenting 360 video and real-time game engine development efforts. Alex’s many years of experience as an industry thought leader has enabled his success with major clients including Apple, Google, United Airlines, Kia, VMware and the NFL, to name a few.

Carlos Raya is Senior VFX Compositor at Dungeon Beach. He studied Media Communication and after starting as a freelance editor, enjoyed being a part-time DJ at music festivals in Spain. This led him to finding new ways of impacting audiences by manipulating pixels through VFX, instead of frames with editing. After studying Compositing in Barcelona, he started working at studios in Spain and Germany and then remotely freelancing for VFX studios as well as post houses in Los Angeles, Canada, Netherlands and UK. His main tools are Nuke and Mocha, but has been diving deep into Fusion Studio for his 360º trips together with Light Sail VR. Carlos is currently based in Sevilla.