Mistika 10 gets another boost with BRAW support and inspirational new color tools for even greater control and increased productivity

Published On: November 17th, 2020

A new upgrade of Mistika 10 is now available for Mistika Boutique and Ultima, providing Blackmagic RAW support, brand new color tools and other improvements that greatly enhance the creative process and improve color workflow productivity.

“SGO’s commitment to the color community can be clearly seen with these very latest developments and I am sure all colorists would especially love using the new Hexagon Tool,” said Adrian Gonzalez, Mistika Boutique Product Manager. “The relentless R&D roadmap for Mistika 10 will bring even more exceptional new features over the coming months so I suggest if you have not tried Mistika Boutique then download the free trial and test-drive for yourself.”


Introducing the New Hexagon Tool: Exceptional control of color

One of the Colorists’ favourite and unique Mistika features, Fixed Vectors, has been significantly enhanced with additional tools, providing even greater control of color-grading processes. Mistika 10.1 adds to the Fixed Vectors tab an inspirational hexagon-shaped vectorscope and sliders together with a Channel Mixer. Developed to specifically bring a whole new interactive grading experience, it enables extremely precise and visually attractive color manipulation – being simple to work with and a joy to use. These new functionalities have also been mapped to the Tangent and Precision panels for more tactile creativity.

New Pivots Scopes have also been added to the Primaries and Bands ranges scopes, enabling much faster and automatic selection of Shadow, Midtone or Highlights. 

Mistika Workflows integrated for background render 

To further enhance the natively integrated capabilities of Mistika Technology, a new feature in this latest release is the ability to deploy Mistika Workflows as a main background render for Mistika Boutique and Ultima, liberating the creative systems of every-day media management, encoding and processing tasks. With Mistika Workflows Watch Folder added to the render options list, users are now able to effortlessly just send RND project files to a previously set Watch Folder in Mistika Workflows to then be automatically processed. Job done!

Finally, a new Corner Pin feature in the Comp3D node has also been added to this latest upgrade of Mistika Boutique and Ultima with all 10.1 improvements and stability enhancements found HERE