Mistika 10 brings immaculate color control and a whole new interactive grading experience

Published On: November 27th, 2020

To deliver great looking content at the highest quality, colorists and finishing artists have to be equipped with cutting edge grading tools, providing them with a total freedom to push creative boundaries without breaking the color.

“With a completely redesigned Color Interface Mistika Boutique empowers creatives with ultimate control, brings a whole new interactive grading experience and provides even more flexibility in color-based workflows.”

Adrian Gonzalez, Mistika Boutique Product Manager

In the latest Mistika Masterclass, Adrian will take you through the all-new Color GUI and show how to creatively combine original and inspiring color tools to quickly achieve an outstanding look of your project. Experience for yourself the easy way to obtain even greater finesse in color processes and take your creative needs to a whole new level.

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