SGO released a new upgrade of Mistika 10 with a Tangent color grading panels remap and AJA T-Tap I/O support

Published On: May 28th, 2020

SGO’s recently released Mistika 10 received a new upgrade, bringing its users integrated support of AJA T-Tap I/O, remapped Tangent color grading panels and numerous stability improvements throughout the software. 

“With our relentless development plan of Mistika Technology it is our pleasure to announce support of the AJA T-Tap I/O card in Mistika 10,” said Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO. “Providing additional hardware options demonstrates a commitment to our growing number of creative users, which importantly enables more choice that contributes to the accessibility of Mistika software solutions.” 

Tangent remap based on Colorist feedback

“The remapping of Tangent Arc, Element and Wave2 grading control panels is based on feedback received from the global color community where all the comments and suggestions received have been translated into improvements and new functionalities,” said Cristóbal Bolaños Lopez, Product Specialist at SGO. “Feedback is always greatly appreciated and we cannot wait to hear the user reaction to this important upgrade of Mistika 10.”

With an enhanced user experience, improved organization and numerous new features in the Tangent mapper, Mistika 10 users with Tangent grading panels are now able to obtain greater control and efficiency in their color grading processes. Among various new features added to Primaries, Bands, Fixed Vectors and Qualifier, Tangent users can also control the curve points directly from the panels. 

All new features added to Tangent remap and other improvements made to Mistika 10 Open Beta can be found HERE

Let us know what you think about Mistika 10! 

Community’s feedback is essential to make Mistika Technology better every day, so SGO invites all Mistika users to take part in a Mistika 10 Survey and give their feedback on the all-new Color GUI and other exciting new features including the DVO Tools for Mistika.

This survey contains nine questions only and should not take more than 4 minutes to complete.


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