SGO’s Mistika 10 brings a Color Revolution – boosting productivity and providing users with even greater finesse in color-grading

Published On: March 31st, 2020

SGO’s widely anticipated Mistika 10 will bring a complete redesign and redefined user experience combined with maximized productivity and much greater control of color-grading processes.


In this major release available for Mistika Ultima and Mistika Boutique, users will find a completely reinvented Color GUI and toolset with an extensive list of new features and enhancements such as improved usability of the qualifier, reorganized menus and panels and a complete overhaul of the curve panel, just to name a few.

“These radical developments will enable Mistika users to work even faster and more efficiently, while bringing the added excitement of an all-new and easy-to-use color grading interface” says Adrian Gonzalez Diaz, Mistika Expert and UX designer who works closely with the SGO development team defining this substantial upgrade.

A series of changes that importantly contribute to a greater control and precision of color-grading are also being implemented within Mistika 10. “Primaries and bands are now even more responsive to fine adjustments and EXR multilayer integration has been greatly improved. Users will also see additional control modes for RGB offset and contrast and enhanced usability with improved precision of Pivots,” adds Gonzalez Diaz. 

Mistika 10 will be officially introduced on 21 April 2020 with two online live events at 09:00 and 18:00 (UTC/GMT). Make sure to sign up in advance as places for the Mistika 10 – The Big Reveal session are limited. Sign up now by clicking on the session of your choice below:

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More news about Mistika 10 will follow soon. You can register your interest by clicking the button below and we will keep you posted with all the latest information as we get closer to the release date.

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