The latest release of Mistika Boutique and Ultima enhances integration with trending (post)production workflows

Published On: April 20th, 2022

A new release of Mistika Boutique and Ultima is now available to all their users, introducing powerful new and revised features that will boost collaboration with other software applications and work environments.

Discover the main highlights of this new version!


“In this latest version we were focusing on developments that are contributing to an enhanced integration of Mistika Boutique and Ultima with trending (post)production pipelines – Onset, Review, VFX, Color Management and Delivery. In addition, we have made some enhancements that improve the communication with other post-production softwares,” shared Adrian Gonzalez Diaz, Mistika Boutique Product Manager.

Automatic VFX Versions Management

An exciting new development presented in this latest release is the Automatic VFX Versions Management. This new intelligent feature allows you to import VFX shots or even several different versions of them in just a few simple clicks. Communication with compositing softwares such as Nuke has been greatly improved by adding a ST Maps Import and Export feature, which provides all the stitch information including geometry and optical data.

Improved integration with On-set

Enhanced Export option has been added to LUT 3D, providing the possibility to export it from the entire color corrector or just from a specific stack, such as FX or UniColor. Conform functionality has been greatly improved by adding Smart Import Media option, only importing the shots needed, and not all the media.

New color curves and ACES 1.3

Color Management has also received significant improvements, adding new color curves to UniColor and ACES 1.3 support. Important new functionalities of this latest ACES release include invert ODT, enhancing Motion Graphics, Animation and CGI workflows and a new Gamut Compression algorithm dealing with the “blue fringe problem”. For more detailed information head over to ACES website.

Finally, XAVC and ProRes formats now include the option to embed Color Metadata in the render.

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