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What is Mistika Boutique?

Mistika Boutique provides the flexibility and functionality of the world’s most advanced post-production hero-suite Mistika Ultima, offered in a single application as a software-only solution for Windows and Mac *.

Mistika Boutique offers an extensive spectrum of the post-production finishing tools, essential for producing first-class content, including conforming, VFX, color grading, Stereo 3D, VR/360º and much more.

Greater Flexibility and Control

Mistika Boutique is a completely scalable, truly interactive and totally resolution independent post-production software solution, being able to be used on a laptop or workstation, Windows or Mac.

Mistika Boutique’s unique infinite timeline enables easy management of extraordinarily complex projects, allowing the user to keep various different versions in a unified environment and having the capacity to work on different post-production tasks simultaneously. The non-restricted nature of its timeline and totally integrated toolsets effectively combines grading with compositing and online editing.

Taking Color Grading to the Next Level

With Mistika Boutique’s color grading toolset you will achieve flawless results and impressive final looks of any kind of content. Functionality is built on years of experience, enabling total control of subtle adjustments, dedicated HDR tools, full supervision of the color range, absolute color grade support for complex and industry-specific formats such as VR/360º, S3D and many more.


Mistika Boutique will be exclusively available on a subscription basis through the SGO Shop. As a member of the SGO’s Open Beta program, you can take part in shaping Mistika Boutique software by test-driving pre-release versions and letting us know what you think.

Sign up online and we will keep you posted on the latest Mistika Boutique news and release dates.

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Natively Integrated Multidimensional Tools

As a part of its Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept, SGO has already started to slice parts of its globally acclaimed hero suite Mistika Ultima to address specific industry needs and develop advanced workflow applications. Natively integrated Misitka Review is joining the line-up of Mistika Technology based solutions, enabling highly efficient workflows.