Mega online giveaway, free T-shirts* and 20% discount to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the industry’s favorite Mistika VR

Published On: June 1st, 2022

Inspired by the global VR creative community, Mistika VR is celebrating five years since its release. “The arrival of Mistika VR was a game changing moment in the creation of immersive content. It allowed us to work faster, with unique camera systems, and produce the highest quality content,” remembers Matthew Celia, co-founder and creative director at Light Sail VR.

Creator up’s Hugh Hou has also been using Mistika VR since day one, handling difficult stitching challenges in VR production. “It became the tool in everything I do in VR filmmaking production. I use it on set to do proxy stitch for quick client review. I also use it for fine stitching for the final 6K to 8K delivery. Our VR videos and films have millions of views on Meta Oculus TV and YouTube VR all thanks to the precision of Mistika VR. It is the only reliable way to get a comfortable 3D stereoscopic result in both 180º and 360º.”

Beyond Optical Flow Stitching

Since its release, Mistika has evolved greatly, continuously adding new functionalities required by the global VR community. “Our commitment to the VR market has not changed and the rise of Virtual Production gives us an additional argument to continue delivering differentiating features that will further optimize, enhance and facilitate creation of the immersive content,” said Geoff Mills, Managing Director at SGO. In addition to the optical flow stitching in Mistika VR, creators can now also enhance their VR workflow with Mistika Boutique. 

“We can now stitch, paint, and grade – all in a single application without the need for complicated spreadsheets filled with frame numbers or several time intensive renders that we’d have to redo when we inevitably would find a visual issue. Each iteration of the software provides more tools for a flexible, high end workflow to meet the ever increasing demands of our clients. It’s the bedrock of our post production workflow and will be for many years to come,” concludes Matt Celia.

Go annual, get a 20% off and a free T-shirt*

To mark Mistika VR’s fifth anniversary, SGO is offering a 20% discount on the first payment of Mistika VR using a “ILOVEMISTIKAVR” coupon code at the checkout. Valid until 30 June 2022, this promotion applies for all Mistika VR subscriptions and single-use licenses.

* Free T-shirts are available for everyone purchasing Mistika VR Personal or Professional Edition.
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Important: In addition to the 20% discount, everyone purchasing Mistika VR Professional or Personal edition Annual Subscription during the anniversary month, will receive a
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Mistika VR’s Anniversary Giveaway is back!

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How to participate?*

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To increase the possibility of winning, leave a comment (or two) and tag friends who could make a good use of one of the prizes. That’s it – you are all set! SGO will randomly pick the lucky winners from everyone who participates.

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  1. Everyone who wants to enter the Mistika VR Anniversary Giveaway campaign must like and share SGO’s giveaway post on Facebook and Instagram. 
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  4. SGO’s official Facebook and Instagram accounts will be the only official platforms for entering the giveaway campaign.
  5. Prizes shared between the winners will be as follows:
  • 10 x Mistika VR T-shirts 
  • 1 x Mistika VR Professional Edition 1-year license 
  • 1 x Mistika Boutique Professional Immersive Edition 1-year license 
  • 1 x Mistika Workflows Professional Edition 1-year license
  • 1 x Insta360 ONE X2 camera
  • 1 x KanDao QooCamFUN camera
  • 1 x 1 year license of Boris FX Suite ($1295) 
  • 1 x 1 year license of Mocha Pro ($595)
  • 3 x 25% discount voucher for Insta360 Pro 2 camera
  • 3 x $50 coupon for Kandao’s official store
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