Mistika VR takes the speed of rendering to a whole new level

We are delighted to announce the upcoming 8.8.4 Mistika VR version! As usual, this new upgrade is available to all our VR customers with no additional charge.

Mistika VR is acknowledged as the fastest stitching software on the market, and now it is even faster! Thanks to Nvidia GPU accelerated encoding, Mistika VR 8.8.4 achieves speeds quicker than real-time for a 4k VR media encoding. We are sure users will enjoy a significant speedup of renders with the new codecs available (h264 and h265) especially for systems where codification was the bottleneck.

Together with the amazing render speed, the new Mistika VR version brings a number of new presets and other improvements:

  • The Optical flow is now 50% faster.  
  • Support of KanDao media is dramatically improved in quality, thanks to a collaboration with the KanDao team.
  • Multiple new camera models like Vuze, GoPro Fusion, Indiecam and others are now supported and much more.

The list of all new features and improvements can be found here.

Enjoy the Black Friday offer and get a 30% discount on first payment for both VR plans we offer. Use the coupon code vrblackfriday (*) and purchase your Mistika VR now by clicking here


*The Black Friday offer will be active from 24th to 26th of November 2017.


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