Mistika VR gets enhanced gyroscope stabilization by supporting additional cameras and rolling shutter compensation

Published On: March 2nd, 2021

SGO has released an upgraded version of its industry-adopted optical flow stitching solution Mistika VR, introducing exciting new features with enhanced stabilization, performance boost, expanded rendering capabilities and additional camera presets.

The latest version of Mistika VR brings significantly improved Gyroscope Metadata Integration by adding: 

  • Support for KanDao Obsidian, QooCam and Teche 360Anywhere cameras, allowing users to import the motion sensor metadata, resulting in automatic stabilization regardless of the lighting conditions of the scene. 
  • Revised gyroscope data interpretation algorithm, providing better reliability of the results especially in cases of extreme tilt of the camera axis. 
  • Rolling Shutter compensation, contributing to much better results of imported stabilization and the one based on image analysis.

Users running Mistika VR on Windows will also notice a significant performance boost in rendering, interactivity and playback – up to three times faster, especially when Optical Flow is not activated. 

In addition, rendering functionality of Mistika VR has been expanded to include multiple options for output media naming. PTGui import feature has also been upgraded, with lenses in rectilinear mode now being accepted, facilitating the import of traditional, non-fisheye lenses.

Finally, new cameras have been added to the preset library, including Insta360 One X2, Teche 360Anywhere, LabPano Pilot Era and PilotOneEE (video and still), ZCam K2 with iZugar MX200 and ZCam K2 with Laowa 4mm. The complete list of new features, and improvements made to Mistika VR 10.2 can be found HERE.