Mistika VR Stereo 3D Prerelease

Published On: October 3rd, 2017
We are about to release the Mistika VR Stereo 3D and we are excited to share with you this amazing feature. The Stereo 3D takes the Mistika VR experience to another level and we’d love to show you a fragment of these incredible new features.


The good news is that If you purchase Mistika VR before October 16th, we will include Stereo 3D feature in both VR plans we offer. Hurry up! Subscribe here.


New features in the upcoming version of Mistika VR:

  •  New edge points system to place them in Stereo Mode. This is a unique feature of Mistika that allows you to move the connection line between cameras to isolate parts where you don’t want to apply the Optical Flow, so with this new functionality you can automatically blend in Stereo 3D instead of doing manually.
  • Show input camera now shows split image according to the “split parameter”:  That allows to set visually the Crop circle for such split input images (Samsung VR360, Vuze, Yi 360VR).
  • Match color is more stable now. This is an improvement to reach more precision for unique scenarios like underwater scenes.
  • Hotkeys for Stereoscopic viewing modes added: “E” for left view, “R” for right view, “A” for Anaglyph, “B” for B&W anaglyph, and “N” for No stereo. Switching between Left and Right view quickly using the E-R keys is a great diagnostic tool to judge the quality of the stereo alignment.
  • New stereo 3D visualization modes added. In order to look images in Anaglyph, you can see the result in 3D and work with them.
  • New 3D cameras presets. This feature includes a whole range of 3D cameras such as Mi Sphere 360, GoPro 360Rize Pro10 v2, KanDao Obsidian S, Boxfish 360, iZugar Z8XL. 3D capable., ZCam V1. 3D capable, and more.
  • A new parameter in Input camera: “Mode”: Allows adding a logo or a patch created in an external tool as additional camera, and switching it into “Overlay” mode so it is simply composed over the stitch. The position and the size of the patch can be adjusted by the Yaw, Pitch, Roll and focal length parameters.
  •  Three-Five times faster and user-friendly. A very important part of this version of Mistika is the user experience and how intuitive can be.

These are just a few features that the new Mistika with Stereo 3D is bringing for all of you, nevertheless, the entire list of things is astonishing.

If you want to see the entire list of new presets, new features and what’s new in 3D, go to this link and enjoy: https://bit.ly/2KiALG0