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mistika vr

Real Time – Affordable – Optical Flow Stitching
Stabilization – S3D – Keyframes

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The industry’s favorite

Adopted by the global VR Community and camera manufacturers, Mistika VR is the world leading VR-focused stitching solution on the market.

Create truly immersive content
in just a few simple clicks

Mistika VR’s award-winning Optical Flow Technology allows you to quickly stitch your 360º/180º media and fix problems from any camera in any situation.

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Stitch, review, adjust.
Get exceptional results every time

Award-winning Mistika VR has been designed to offer total control to the user. Every aspect of the stitch can be manipulated and animated to provide high-quality results no matter the difficulty of the project.

Preview your project in a VR Headset.
Without rendering

Mistika VR enables live output to Deo VR, a platform-agnostic and completely free of charge VR player. Check out your work in practically any VR headset and on additional platforms, such as tablets, mobile phones or laptops.

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Say goodbye to parallax issues!

Using totally unique stitching algorithms, Mistika VR takes the headaches of parallax issues away with its smart stitching capabilities,
allowing you to maintain the highest image quality.

Fast, faster, the fastest… Mistika VR

Unparalleled performance.
Instant feedback

Thanks to Nvidia GPU accelerated encoding, Mistika VR achieves speeds quicker than real-time for encoding 4K VR media.

VR Headset Preview

Review your work in any VR headset using Deo VR player.

Stereo 3D

Create stereoscopic media at the highest quality.

Keyframe Animation

Enhanced stitching flexibility and greater control.

One-click Stabilization 

Quickly and easily smooths out shaky footage.

Gyroscope Metadata*

Import the camera’s motion sensor metadata.

Professional Quality

RAW formats support
Official Apple ProRes encoding

Get the very best results and export your clips in many industry standard formats. Official Apple ProRes media creation on macOS and Windows.

Developed on global VR community’s feedback

At SGO, we continuously work to improve our software and solutions.
We not only welcome customer feedback but actively encourage it, so try Mistika VR and tell us what you think.

Free Trial

One solution for all cameras

Being hardware agnostic and fully compatible with any camera rig in the market, Mistika VR analyzes camera position information and sequences and automatically stitches the images together using extensive and intelligent presets.

360Rize SeaDak
Detu Max
DJI Mavic 2 Zoom
DKVision Aura
Garmin VIRB
GoPro360Rize3DPro 12-14
GoProX2Entaniya250 4:3 ratio
GoProX3Entaniya220 16:9 ratio
GoProX3Entaniya220 4:3 ratio
GoProX4Entaniya220 16:9 ratio
Insta360 EVO
Insta360 One
Insta360 One X
Insta360 One X2
Insta360 Pro
Insta360 Pro 2
Insta360 Titan
iZugar Z2XL180 2432×2432
iZugar Z2XL180 2880×2160
iZugar Z3Xc
iZugar Z4XL
iZugar Z4X 4:3
iZugar Z6X3D-C
iZugar Z8XL
KanDao Obsidian
KanDao Obsidian Go
KanDao QooCamVR360
KanDao QooCamVR3D180
Kodak SP4k X2
Kodak SP4k X3
Kodak SP4k X3 underwater
Kodak SP4k X4
Labpano Pilot Era
RicohTheta S
RicohTheta V
RicohTheta Z1
SamsungGear360 M2017
Teche Phimax3D
Teche TE720
Teche 360Anywhere
Vuze Plus
VuzeXR VR180 3D
VuzeXR VR360

If your rig isn’t in our library, send us an example frame and we’ll build it for you – completely free of charge.

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Recommended by camera manufacters

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Project created by students of JOVRNALISM course
at USC Annenberg (School for Communication and Journalism)

Mistika VR in Education

By being part of the SGO Educational Program, learning Institutions can save up to 50% on the commercial price for all Mistika Technology Products.

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Some of the projects created with Mistika VR

mistika vr

Plans and Pricing Details

Free evaluation version of Mistika VR (7-Day License)

The number of activations of the Mistika VR Evaluation license in a single system is limited to two.

Monthly payment with automatic renewal

Save more with annual payment with automatic renewal

30-Day License with no automatic renewals

1-Year License with no automatic renewals

All prices and online transactions are in Euro € and do not include local/state sales or VAT tax which will be calculated and applied where applicable during the Check Out process.

Loyalty Reward

Maintain your subscription active, and get all the amazing new features, toolsets, camera presets and other improvements completely free of charge!

Payment Options

Mistika VR Monthly and Annual Subscriptions can be purchased through PayPal and Amazon Pay. Mistika VR 30-day and 1-year license are the only ones that can be paid by credit card using PayPal platform without the need of a PayPal account.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be canceled at any time, regardless of the subscription type (monthly or annual). Payments are non-refundable, but your activation license code will remain active until the end of the last paid billing period.

Minimum System Requirements

Check out the Minimum System Requirements here

FAQ Mistika Technology

Questions? Read our FAQ


Community – Basic level of support on SGO forums and Mistika VR User Group.
Personal – Community support plus support via SGO ticketing system.
Professional – Access to priority support via SGO ticketing system.


As a part of its Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept, SGO has already started to slice parts of its globally acclaimed hero suite Mistika Ultima to address specific industry needs and develop advanced workflow applications. Natively integrated Misitka Boutique & Mistika Workflows are joining the line-up of Mistika Technology based solutions, enabling highly efficient content production workflows.