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Real Time – Affordable – Optical Flow Stitching – Mistika Technology

SGO already had a pedigree in 3D so VR is a natural progression

Rik Tester, Production Supervisor, ONSIGHT

Optical Flow Stitching

Mistika VR is an affordable VR focused solution with real-time stitching capabilities using Mistika Optical Flow Technology.

Developed using totally unique stitching algorithms, Mistika VR takes the headaches of parallaxes away with it’s smart stitching capabilities allowing you to maintain the highest image quality.

Mistika Technology

Mistika VR has been developed using award-winning Mistika technology, so users can expect the most advanced capabilities combined with an all new intuitive interface and raw format support with jaw-dropping speed.

Presets Library

Mistika VR takes camera position information and sequences and stitches the images together using extensive and intelligent presets. If your rig isn’t in our library, send us an example frame and we’ll build it for you.

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Images courtesy of New Horizons VR | Cognition LA | SOMA VR Studio

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