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mistika workflows

Standard & User-defined media workflows
Transcoding – Watch Folder – File transfers – Content packaging

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Want to automate media processing tasks?

Meet Mistika Workflows, enabling the creation of standard and user-defined media workflows, ideal for broadcasters, VFX, production companies and
post-production facilities – in fact, anyone who needs to manage content and media.

Resource Optimization

Packaging and Delivery Automation

Reliable & Dependable

Sit back and relax
Let Mistika Workflows do its magic

Automating Content Management & Deployment

Media Transcoding

Transcoding to most industry-standard formats. Official Apple ProRes media creation on MacOS, Windows and Linux. GPU accelerated H264/H265 generation.

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Color Space Conversion

Design your own color pipeline and transcode media to any color space including ACES.

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File Transfers

Media upload to online services such as Vimeo and Frame.io, to FTP server including Aspera, or even directly to the cloud.

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Smart Nodes

Use smart nodes to automate your workflow. Watch Folder, Data Mover, early error detection, logs…

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Display Filters

Create and apply any effect or adjustment created in Mistika Boutique or Mistika Ultima, including OFX plugins, LUT 3D, Burn Layout

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Instantaneously receive automatic reports by Email and Slack.

Fast. Smart. Easy.

With its truly intuitive interface, Mistika Workflows is a solution for all, designed for flexible pipelines with excellent support for demanding media formats that are becoming mainstream.

Connecting the dots

One application to rule them all

Mistika Workflows can act as a “glue” between different applications, by ‘calling’ them with command line parameters or by reading and creating custom metadata files. Set up the workflow triggers, and focus on the tasks.

Validator System

Zero Human Intervention. Zero mistakes.

Reducing the need for user-intervention prevents errors and increases productivity. Mistika Workflows Smart Nodes enable early detection of mistakes that can occur throughout the whole content production chain, preventing their further propagation. Once the errors are resolved, the workflow can easily be relaunched, without losing any data.

Master HDR with automatic metadata management.

Being a workflow-aware tool, Mistika Workflows connects independent applications consistently and provides full control of color and metadata transcoding that needs to be included coherently in every production stage up to the final deliverables without breaking the metadata chain.

Sky is the limit

Design it according to your needs!

Mistika Workflows open architecture permits infinite options for its implementation and personalized use depending on the production’s needs. The addition of custom-built features is also possible using Python programming language. Python nodes can be created quickly, without most of the complexity of independent applications.

Using the Python scripts allows automating repetitive tasks while adapting necessary aspects like file-naming rules, URL paths and communication with asset management databases or metadata files.

Looking for something specific? Let us know!

Customized development

Mistika Workflows Plans

Free evaluation version of Mistika Workflows (30-Day License)

Number of activations of the Mistika Workflows Evaluation license in a single system is limited to two.

Monthly payment with automatic renewal

Save more with annual payment with automatic renewal

30-Day License with no automatic renewals

1-Year License with no automatic renewals

All prices and online transactions are in Euro € and do not include local/state sales or VAT tax which will be calculated and applied where applicable during the Check Out process.

Loyalty Reward

Maintain your subscription active, and get all the amazing new features, nodes, codecs and other improvements completely free of charge!

Payment Options

Mistika Workflows Subscriptions (Monthly and Annual) and single-use licenses (30-day and 1-year) can be purchased through PayPal and Credit Card via Stripe.

Cancellation Policy

Orders can be canceled at any time, regardless of the subscription type (monthly or annual). Payments are non-refundable, but your activation license code will remain active until the end of the last paid billing period.

Minimum System Requirements

Check out the Minimum System Requirements HERE.

FAQ Mistika Technology

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Community – Basic level of support on SGO forums and Mistika Workflows User Groups.
Personal – Community support plus support via SGO ticketing system.
Professional – Access to priority support via SGO ticketing system.


As a part of its Multi-dimensional Workflow Concept, SGO has already started to slice parts of its globally acclaimed hero suite Mistika Ultima to address specific industry needs and develop advanced workflow applications. Natively integrated Mistika VR, Boutique & Mistika Workflows enable highly efficient content production workflows.